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hybrid cloud integration

Hybrid cloud integration platforms, which one is right for you?

When you choose a hybrid cloud integration platform, what key points do you need to know to choose the correct platform? Many things go...
Hybrid cloud solution

Setting up your hybrid cloud solution

How do you go about setting up your hybrid cloud solution? First, you must ask yourself a few key questions. What is your company...
Hybrid cloud provider

Finding the right hybrid cloud provider and solution for your business

Finding the right cloud mix can be a daunting task. Many elements come into play when making the right decision for your company. So,...
What is a Hybrid Cloud? The Hybrid Cloud Advantage for Enterprise Businesses

The hybrid cloud advantage for enterprise businesses

It used to be that every enterprise business housed massive shelves of server rack space. The advent of server farms changed that approach, opening...
Axway Celebrates with the Grifftones

Axway celebrates with the Grifftones

Last week Axway turned its parking lot into a concert venue, as the Grifftone’s – Axway’s all-employee band – took the stage for an...
Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing & content collaboration for users, IT and security

In the recent research study conducted by Ponemon Institute, Ponemon surveyed over a thousand IT and IT security practitioners in North America, the United...
API solution

IDC innovation summit in China wrap-up: API solution

At the IDC Digital Transformation Summit 2018 Beijing, China, Axway and our customer, CITIC Group, China brought great collaboration to the digital transformation event. CITIC...
Enterprise file sharing and content collaboration [INFOGRAPHIC]

Enterprise file sharing and content collaboration [INFOGRAPHIC]

Enterprise File Sharing and Content Collaboration are integral pieces of technology for modern IT organizations. But is Content Collaboration in its current state disappointing...

Axway and the Phoenix Group customer success story

Axway and the Phoenix Group, great collaboration Axway and the Phoenix Group came together to bring about fantastic collaboration and another great customer success story...
Forrester's report

Hybrid integration decision guide: How to choose the best HIP

A hybrid integration decision guide allows you to choose the best hybrid integration platforms for your company. What is the best way to go...
digital era

Hybrid in HIP… warning! that Hybrid part may distract!

It’s key to note that for a HIP, (Hybrid Integration Platform), the word Hybrid hinges on multiple dynamics and you’ll see this in the Gartner definition...
IDC DevOps conference wrap-up

IDC DevOps conference wrap-up

Back in September 2018, Axway took part in the IDC DevOps conference at the Inmarsat Conference Center in London for a compelling event. This...

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Serialization/DSCSA Compliance

What is Hybrid Integration Platform? How to grow your company forward.

In a world of fast-paced, ever-changing technology, the term Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) is being batted around quite often these days. But for the...

Get to know Annie Yotova and her Axway success story!

What does it take to bring a great Customer Experience (CX) success story to Axway? Just ask Annie Yotova and find out. Annie Yotova is...
Grifftones Axway band

This is how we rock at Axway

Axway is known to throw a good party, and next month we will be throwing an epic barbecue outside our U.S. headquarters in Phoenix....

Axway’s Sharath Kolyoor brings a great customer experience to all!

Axway’s very own Sharath Kolyoor exemplifies best practices for a seamless customer experience. Sharath has been working for Axway nine years. For the last...
hybrid cloud integration challenges

Multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud integration challenges. What’s right for you?

When you ask yourself about possible solutions for multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud, you must start with the basics. For starters, what is a multi-cloud...

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