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ensuring SLAs

AMPLIFY Analytics: ensuring SLAs

AMPLIFY Analytics allows you to turn your data into real-time insights for your company. This process helps to ensure your SLAs (Service Level Agreements)...

IMAGINE SUMMIT speaker lineup: The sun shines in Orlando, Florida

March is just around the corner! Get ready to be dazzled and amazed. Axway brings a great array of speakers to IMAGINE SUMMIT in...
HIP success

Three things to ensure HIP success

Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) are taking the world by storm! With so many in place these days, what are the three necessary elements it...
10 reasons to move your EDI/B2B integration to a cloud managed service

10 reasons to move your EDI/B2B integration to a cloud managed service [INFOGRAPHIC]

Progressive enterprises are discovering the value of moving away from strictly ground-based EDI / B2B integration to a cloud-managed service that reduces costs and...

Why should I attend IMAGINE SUMMIT 2019?

Axway's IMAGINE SUMMIT promises to be one of the most inspiring and informative events of the year as the Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) redefines...

Adventures @ Axway: Always Be Ready

Syncplicity isn’t just a file sharing and collaboration solution that IT trusts and users love. It runs continually in the background to synchronize your folders...
Axway Social Media Day

Axway Social Media Day in Paris: Key takeaways

Following the success of Axway’s Social Media day in Phoenix, the Axway team in France kicked off the new year with its own Social...

Why you can’t buy a Hybrid Integration Platform

Hybrid integration is more a style of accomplishing integration than it is a product. As such it requires you to change the way your...
Integration Platform demands

Is your Integration Platform meeting today’s business demands?

Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) are the wave of the future. If your company isn’t looking at HIP technology, maybe you should ask yourself, what...
iPaaS and Hybrid Integration

Axway recognized as a Strong Performer in Independent Report on Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid...

Axway is very proud to announce that they have been positioned as a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™: Strategic iPaaS and Hybrid Integration...
Hybrid Integration and API Management

Hybrid Integration and API Management: Two peas in a pod

Hybrid Integration is taking off these days. Companies are adapting to the ways of Hybrid Integration Platforms, and API Management is the real deal...
Roadblocks for Hybrid Integration Platforms

Roadblocks of Hybrid Integration Platforms–what you need to know to succeed!

Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) are ubiquitous these days. According to Markets and Markets, they project the Hybrid Integration Platform market will “rise to $33.6 billion by 2022, driven...

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Hybrid Integration Platform

What is Hybrid Integration Platform? How to grow your company forward.

In a world of fast-paced, ever-changing technology, the term Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) is being batted around quite often these days. But for the...

Get to know Annie Yotova and her Axway success story!

What does it take to bring a great Customer Experience (CX) success story to Axway? Just ask Annie Yotova and find out. Annie Yotova is...
hybrid cloud integration challenges

Multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud integration challenges: What’s right for you?

When you ask yourself about possible solutions for multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud, you must start with the basics. For starters, what is a multi-cloud...
Grifftones Axway band

This is how we rock at Axway

  Axway is known to throw a good party, and next month we will be throwing an epic barbecue outside our U.S. headquarters in Phoenix....
analytics products

Axway’s Sharath Kolyoor brings a great customer experience to all!

Axway’s very own Sharath Kolyoor exemplifies best practices for a seamless customer experience. Sharath has been working for Axway nine years. For the last...

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