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Looking forward: digital strategies for 2023 

Looking forward: Digital transformation predictions for 2023 with Axway’s experts

Constructing a digital strategy for the days ahead can feel daunting, especially in an unpredictable economic climate. Security threats continue to grow, and using enterprise resources wisely is becoming even more essential as budgets tighten.  

While we cannot truly predict the future, we can offer expert advice based on sound data and hands-on experience. Whether it’s about API adoption, file transfer in the cloud, the metaverse, or supply chain visibility through B2B/EDI, we’re sharing perspectives from Axway’s experts that can help you gain a bearing on where you are in your digital journey as you look forward to 2023. 

Meet the experts: 2023 predictions 

What are the business technology trends that will move needle the most – and how can you capitalize on them? In Axway’s 2023 predictions guide, you’ll find insights on everything from cloud migration vs. cloud optimization, to the future of remote work, automation in pharma, or what’s next in open finance and DeFi. Let’s meet a few of our experts and see what they have to share. 

Eyal Sivan, Head of Open Banking at Axway, is responsible for positioning the firm as the number one thought leader and integration solution provider in the open banking space. As a member of the elite Catalyst team, he brings a high degree of specialization in API and microservices technologies within the FSI sector, with a particular focus on how to accelerate digital transformation. As Mr. Open Banking, Eyal hosts the only podcast dedicated to the open banking community. 

“Regulatory moves from the U.S. and Canada will inevitably cause market players to ramp up their own plans, as has already started to happen in Canada, leading to a significant first wave of open banking adoption in North America in 2023. Expect to see incumbent banks, fintechs, and aggregators alike all step up their open banking game.” – Eyal Sivan 

Brian Otten, Catalyst at Axway, is an experienced leader and technologist with more than 25 years of experience as an innovative strategist for APIs and microservices to support digital transformation, IT modernization, and continued growth for large enterprises. He also loves running crazy distances out on the open trails. 

“The shift to product thinking and culture is finally happening, reflected in team organization and change management. A product-centric application delivery model will make it easier to adopt digital marketplaces and enable raw integration assets to be packaged as valuable business capabilities.”
– Brian Otten

Ruby Raley, VP Healthcare & Life Sciences at Axway, drives API and digital transformation sales in North America. She is also a consultant and advisory board member helping launch Axway products, improve processes, and position solutions. 

“As an industry, healthcare lags in improving experiences and particularly in delivering seamless experiences. How many times have you filled out a sheet in the doctor’s office or even an online form that asks for information you know the healthcare organization already has? 

“Portals will take center stage — for patients, customers, developers, and employees. There will be fewer people available to staff phone banks, answer email, and so forth, driving the need to deliver a complete online experience. This means a person must be able to complete a unit of work without communicating directly with a human. API-enabled automation will be a game-changer to deliver the productivity and experiences demanded by savvy consumers.” – Ruby Raley 

Emmanuel Methivier, Business Program Director and Catalyst at Axway, has vast experience working in the banking industry. He is skilled in innovation management, blockchain, enterprise architecture, and open enterprise (API). Emmanuel developed the first internet website at LIX (Laboratoire d’Informatique de l’Ecole polytechnique) in 1994, developed neural network algorithms (OCR), and led innovation at LCL and Crédit Agricole. 

“Large digital platforms continue to be a model for many sectors that have understood that a true digital transformation is not only a digitization of their existing processes. With this in mind, platform and digital marketplace projects will flourish everywhere.” – Emmanuel Methivier 

How will the technologies you rely on evolve?  

In our 2023 predictions guide, you’ll also discover insights on how the workhorse technologies you already rely on will continue to evolve. Axway’s product leaders share what they’re seeing in the market, how they see technologies like MFT, B2B, and APIs evolving, and what trends will be meaningful.  

“Despite all the doom and gloom predictions for EDI over the years, it continues to grow, and now, thanks to the increased supply chain complexity of today’s world, it’s growing at an accelerated rate.”
JB Bentz, General Manager, B2B Integration  

“As API attacks have become more numerous and sophisticated, organizations are being forced to augment security beyond traditional API design, build and deployment measures. This will lead to the rise of API platform teams that validate and supplement security provided by the API build teams.”
William McKinney, Senior Director, Platform Marketing  

Plan for the future with data in hand 

Finally, the 2023 predictions guide ties in key results from surveys and studies that can help enrich your perspective as you make decisions for the year ahead. For example, we found in a recent survey of business and IT decision-makers that when ranking their strategies to protect personal data, Zero trust Architecture came in last.  

Yet, with half of respondents ranking security as their highest concern regarding API growth, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Vince Padua points out that Zero Trust is in fact likely the best security strategy available to us today.  

“As a result of relentless, worldwide cyberattacks and the widespread distribution and connectivity of almost everything (much of it via APIs), Zero Trust Architecture has risen as a vital model for ensuring the safety of enterprise infrastructure.”Vince Padua, CTIO 

Whether you’re wondering how to prioritize spending for cloud expansion this year, needing more clarity on upcoming healthcare regulations, or unsure how open banking might impact your business model, Axway’s experts offer a look into how our digital landscape is shifting, alongside survey data that help provide context and clarity.  

Download Axway’s 2023 predictions guide, “Looking Forward,” to dive in.