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A celebration of women who shape the tech industry 

A celebration of the women who are shaping the tech industry at Axway

Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. It is an important date that acknowledges the progress of key women’s rights across the globe: gender pay equality, the empowerment of women, and women’s rights in general.

Striving for gender parity at Axway

Being a software company, Axway is very involved in supporting women in the tech industry where they are still too few. We want to make a difference!

As of end of February 2024, we have 457 women which represents 31% of total headcount – close to the third of the headcount that we aim to reach and exceed. Thank you for bringing your talents and personality to Axway!

At Axway, we are constantly striving to promote diversity and achieve the ideal of 50/50 gender parity. We are convinced that gender diversity is an essential factor in the success of our company.

Many initiatives over the past two years demonstrated our engagement to support this belief: several partnerships – such as Elles Bougent and Ada Tech School in France, or the CREST and the WISE program in the U.S. to name a few – to promote technical careers to young girls and share with them the successful stories of our talented women.

Celebrating the women of Axway

In 2024, we decided to invite women from all around the globe to participate in a new video series.

Women who have shaped the tech industry not only have amazing professional trajectories, but they also have stories to tell, words of wisdom to guide, funny anecdotes to make others laugh, and many experiences to share.

In celebration of the wonderful women who make Axway a great place to work, we have created a series of videos highlighting women from different departments, not only through their experiences in the industry, but we also wanted to learn a little more about them in a fun way.

Starting the series, we had Mihaela Stoyanova, located in the Sofia office in Bulgaria who is a Senior Software Engineer, whose dedication to her job and her kids is proof that forging the future is determined by dedication and teamwork.



Karolina Szydlowska, located in Sydney, is developing her role as Senior Corporate Counsel. She shared one of her most cherished memories and a little about her professional achievements.



Gleice Costa, Senior BU Coordinator located in Sao Paulo, shared her biggest achievement not only at a professional but also at a personal level.



Andreea Mussap is a Principal Tech Writer located in Dublin. She shares her thoughts on the importance of being flexible and looks into her experiences in developing her career abroad.



Georgiana Elena Turtureanu has an admirable journey, which took her from a non-technical role to her current position as Senior Customer Tech Support Engineer in Axway located in Bucharest.



Anisha Chikoti, Engineering Manager, located in Hyderabad, shared her career highlight, as she achieved to be a manager scaling step by step from being an intern.



Joanna LeBlang, located in Phoenix, moved from her role as a magazine editor to this field, getting to her current position as Senior Field Marketing Specialist.



Closing up the series for 2024, Carrie So, Principal Learning Consultant, shares a memory she cherishes, a very valuable insight she has learned developing her career, and other fun facts.



Highlighting women’s contributions to our culture

As part of our commitment to provide the best learning and development experience to our employees, Axway University offers 10 books a year to each Griffin, and we decided to share a list of books written by women and recommended by women of Axway!

Last, but not least, we created the tag #AxwayCelebratesWomen and invited all Griffins to share a few words to recognize women’s work, skill, or talent! It is also a free space for women if they want to highlight some male allies who supported them in their careers.

International Women’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate our talented women and recognize how we are #BetterTogether.

Do you think you’d fit right in with the women of Axway? Check out our latest career opportunities!