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G2 customer reviews: What people are saying about Axway products

At Axway, we want to help everyone create brilliant digital experiences – and that extends of course to our own customers who use our solutions! Axway is proud to be named a leader in G2’s Spring 2024 Reports, which are based on peer product reviews, for our three main product lines: Amplify Platform, Managed File Transfer, and B2B Integration 

This marks our 7th consecutive quarter as a Leader across all products, and Axway was awarded 35 badges. We’re immensely grateful to our customers who do us the honor of recognizing our strong commitment to them in this way. Let’s take a closer look. 

What is G2? 

If you weren’t familiar with it, G2 is the world’s leading business solution review platform, leveraging over 1M user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions.  

Every month, more than three million people visit G2’s site: business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts use it to compare and select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.  

How does G2 determine leadership?  

Each quarter, G2 rates the products from each category based on data sourced from product reviews shared on G2 as well as other online sources and social networks. Together, these scores are mapped on the site’s proprietary G2 Grid®. Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial market presence scores. 

To us, being positioned as a Leader in the G2 Grid® — for all of our main product lines — means Axway delivers meaningful experiences to our customers by offering quality solutions that deliver results. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our customers who have been vocal in their satisfaction and shared their positive experiences.  

Of course, we continue to take into account more critical feedback as part of our continuous improvement efforts. Hearing from our customers helps us better serve them.  

Wondering what users are saying about Axway products? Here’s a look at some of our favorite reviews. 

Axway Managed File Transfer reviews 

Lovelee B., Lead Business Consultant at a large enterprise, calls Axway MFT a “Reliable and flexible solution to manage and automate large file transfers.” 

“It provides real-time visibility into file transfers and enables us to track the status of transfers, monitor performance, and generate reports for compliance purposes. Axway MFT integrated effortlessly with our existing ERP, CRM, and ECM systems to provide a smooth and automated data transfer solution.” 



John H. points to the “great customer service/support” in his 4.5-star review: 

“Our move to Axway Managed File Transfer has improved all aspects of the service we offer to our user community. Moving to a managed service allows for more current updates, and the support we’ve received has been second to none. Response time is nearly immediate and we’ve yet to walk away without a resolution to the issue.” 

Senior Technical Analyst/Project Coordinator Pooja G. calls it a “wonderful solution” for her company’s needs, rating it five stars. 

“The ability to send by file type, by file name, its ability to connect to various other MFT products to pass files through internal and external vendors faster and securely with the recent bells and whistles is awesome.” 

See how Axway MFT compares to other managed file transfer solutions on the latest G2 Grid® here. 

Amplify Platform (API management) reviews 

Here are just a few of the badges Axway earned for our Amplify Platform:



In addition to leadership in the API Management category, we’re proud to be recognized as a Leader in the API Marketplace Category — and as a “Momentum Leader.”

Learn more about API marketplaces and how they’re changing the way enterprises do APIs for better.

Volker S., Subject Matter Expert EAI & API Technologies at Commerzbank, praises Amplify Platform’s “trustful and future-oriented cooperation between client and vendor” in his 4.5-star review.  

“Axway Amplify provides a performant, stable, and robust gateway, with a focus on security and driven by consumers’ necessities. Axway as a company shows a lot of support when it comes to help customers setting up Amplify to make to most of it in their organization.” 

Axway was also recognized as Financial Data APIs Leader. Read more about keys to successful adoption for APIs in financial services here. 


G2 Customer Reviews Spring 2024 Reports Axway Financial Data APIs


See how the Amplify API Management Platform compares to other APIM solutions on the latest G2 Grid® here. 

B2B Integration platform reviews 

One user in a large logistics and supply chain enterprise finds Axway’s B2B Integration platform to be “excellent” in handling all their file gateway processing for EDI transactions. 

“In our supply chain business we need 100% uptime and the ability to scale, have redundancy and fault tolerance. Axway has provided a solid product for this plus it features an easy-to-use customer interface that our team can use for setups and monitoring. We have recently started exploring using the APIs more and finding success in automating some manual work with API capabilities.” 

See also key takeaways from our webinar on supply chain resilience: take proactive measures to reduce risk.

Another user in Manufacturing calls Axway B2B Integration a “powerful product to handle all your EDI needs,” adding that the best thing about it is “the relatively quick, real-time interface that provides the ability to access trading partner and transactional data.”



And Manish V., Director Information Technology Application Development at a large company, appreciates that B2Bi is “very robust and rich in features to integrate with various protocols with all partner types.” 

See how Axway B2B Integration compares to other EDI solutions on the latest G2 Grid® here. 

Tell us about your experience 

Peer reviews are very helpful in not only increasing our exposure but also helping others make decisions about the product that will serve them best. We are proud of the work we do with our customers 

If you’ve had a good experience with Axway, we would encourage you to take a few minutes and go submit a G2 customer review: 

Axway Managed File Transfer G2 reviews page 

Axway B2B Integration Platform G2 reviews page 

Axway Amplify API Management Platform G2 reviews page 

Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to continuing to help our customers drive business success! 

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