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FHIR® within the healthcare spectrum: Part 3

FHIR(R) and healthcare spectrum

In Part 2, we explored the health-as-a-service platform and its desired objects for a better modern technology approach. In Part 3, we delve into what it means to create a health-as-a-service open platform based on FHIR® in the provision of existing healthcare scenarios.

Axway has answered the call to meet the demands for new API-powered, FHIR®-enabled apps and services. Axway removes the complexities of overcoming interoperability challenges through the utilization of FHIR® and the normalization of data across the healthcare continuum.

FHIR® is the data bridge between disparate systems creating a common language between applications that may not even be in the same country to exchange health data.

This standardization opens the door to allowing healthcare systems, providers, hospitals, payers, and patients to collaborate and communicate on levels never thought possible before FHIR®.

FHIR® and healthcare spectrum

Interoperability objectives can be accomplished through the utilization of FHIR® resources that create a common exchange format and data normalizing language, regardless of the application, device, or entity.

The added value of FHIR® is enhanced by Axway and the ability to send data in both a structured and codified way, allowing for the facilitation of open platforms securely and consistently.

FHIR® Resource structures: XML, JSON, HTTP, Atom, OAuth

FHIR® Concepts: Common metadata sets and common definition and method of representation of concepts. Concept examples: patient, provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, etc.), problems (diagnosis), medications, diagnostics (lab, radiology), care plans, financial entries, organization, and medical devices. Patient Providers Health Agencies Payers Research Centers Drug & Equipment Supply.

Benefits of FHIR®: Readily available data increases the speed of healthcare delivery, standardizes, and structures data into a discreet format to facilitate clinical data exchange between disparate applications regardless of origin or device.

Axway creates a clear path for the connectivity of sensitive patient health data across the continuum of the broader ecosystem of providers, vendors, payers, and others, and provides interoperability between proprietary closed systems, and applications that secure the flow and exchange of critical data.

In Part 4, we delve even deeper into why successful healthcare technology is expected to be able to exchange data quickly, securely, and confidently between multiple applications and entities without complex and difficult solutions that lead to delayed program implementations, revenue losses, patient care gaps, and regulatory compliance issues.

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