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Welcome Antony Hervo, new VP for Alliances and Partnerships — bringing strategic thinking forward

Antony Hervo

We are very proud to present to you Antony Hervo, our new VP of Alliances and Partnerships EMEA. Antony is in charge of leveraging, building, and developing the existing and future partnerships of all kinds (channel, System Integrators, Consulting firms…) to expand reach, drive revenues, and create synergies.

With Antony’s appointment along with Bill Bryant and Fernando Ferreira, Axway confirms the importance of the alliances and partnerships to accompany companies in their digital transformation.

Antony Hervo is based in our Paris office and is set to bring new and innovative ways to move forward with the team and across the market.

Antony Hervo: Inspiration to join Axway

For Antony, the reason to join Axway was simple. Axway is one of the leaders in the digital transformation arena. And for Antony, this was a great opportunity to further develop an Alliance program to play a key role in expanding Axway’s impact on helping companies embark on their digital transformation journey. It was just what Antony was looking for at this stage of his career.

Background experience

With over 20+ years of Partnerships and Alliances and International Management experience, Antony has led the development of partner ecosystems globally with a strong emphasis on mutually beneficial outcomes.

Before Axway, Antony worked as a Technical Partner Manager at SolidWorks Corp. in Boston, MA, coordinating the integration of software companies within the partner program, as well as key technology partners like Microsoft, Intel, IBM, HP, and NVIDIA. He moved back to France in 2005 and his career took a marketing turn when he became an EMEA Channel Marketer for SolidWorks Corp. heading a team responsible for lead generation activities and ultimately contributing to 35% of the revenue in Europe.

He later joined Dassault Systèmes to animate and lead the development of an international Partner Ecosystem consisting of over 600 companies that represented 40% of the company’s revenue.  Recently, he managed the global Channel Marketing Operations team dedicated to Dassault Systèmes’ large accounts, in a direct sales channel model that generates more than 1. 7B € in revenue.

Antony graduated from IUT Tech. de Co. in Annecy, and Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He holds an MBA from Babson College, Boston, MA.

“The best way to describe how Antony works is commitment.”

Currently, Antony is working with different types of partners to bring his expertise to the existing alliances from small companies to large organizations: Channel, Consulting firms, Systems Integrators, Technological partners, Managed Service Providers, boutique, and specialized partners. With his wealth of experience, Antony is up for the challenge to move forward.

Recruiting partners to join the EMEA

The Alliance team is always looking for new companies willing to partner with Axway to drive mutual value.

The team has recruited many partners over the last few years, and they keep on pursuing new partnerships while strengthening their relationship with strategic partners to build long-term relationships with Axway. Read how Axway partners with JASStek to leverage MFT.

Axway value proposition for partners

Axway brings a large base of satisfied customers, proven products recognized by analysts (listed as a leader in the API Management space by both Forrester and Gartner), as well as superb support. Discover how Axway added API Management to Brazil’s SEC4YOU.

From enablement to marketing, demand generation, and engagement, Axway’s ecosystem of developers, product experts, and sales capabilities join with our partners’ networks to achieve the respective marketing objectives and sales targets to propel its companies forward.

Antony looks forward to further developing the partnerships for Axway as he continues to bring groundbreaking insights to the position.

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