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Sr. Director, Product and Solution Marketing, API Management & Microservices, David is an experienced technologist who leads people and organizations to the technology experience their business demands, without the frustration they expect. David has participated in more than 10 technology IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, and spin-outs. He has worked "feet-to-dirt" in over 25 countries helping governments and companies implement technology that increases their capabilities and results. David is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator with a knack for creatively explaining complex ideas.  
productive healthcare technology 

Why productive healthcare technology goes the distance: Part 4

In Part 3 of our last article, we delved even deeper into what it means to create a health-as-a-service open platform based on FHIR® in...
FHIR(R) and healthcare spectrum

FHIR® within the healthcare spectrum: Part 3

In Part 2, we explored the health-as-a-service platform and its desired objects for a better modern technology approach. In Part 3, we delve into...
health-as-a-service platform

The healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms: Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, 5 roles in the healthcare community, we demonstrated how Axway’s customers span the five main areas of the...
5 roles in the healthcare community

The healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms: Part 1

The healthcare community is guided by one key objective — to deliver the best patient experience during diagnostic, cure, and observation. Axway’s customers span the...
An API Management Solutions Leader

An API Management Solutions Leader

Today, Forrester Research, Inc. published The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2020, and I’m pleased to share that Axway is positioned as a...
Event-driven computing

Event-Driven Explainer

Event-driven computing has been around for a while. However, the asynchronous nature of event-driven applications requires that specialized knowledge, craft, and tools used to...
How to structure a successful digital transformation

How to structure a successful digital transformation

Insanity means doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. I saw a quote earlier by a leading industry analyst firm that...
contact tracing

You’re thinking about contact tracing wrong

Dear New York,  As I watch the city and local businesses be devastated by the impact of the virus, I see you making a big...
Open Banking vs. Open Health

Open banking vs. open health

Let me start by saying, this is about open data and the question of who owns the data: the customer (patient) or the vendor. In...
CSOS: A business case for APIs and Microservices

CSOS: A Business Case for APIs and Microservices

To the detriment of those around me, I often point out technology failures. Quite often, those failures relate to the inability to easily "break...
screen scraper

Four problems with screen scraping that an API-First approach solves

Screen scraping (also known as web scraping), like many other computer-generated capabilities, is a tactic used to gather information. Unfortunately, it’s also used by...
3 Reasons to Create an API Platform for your API Practice

3 reasons to create an API Platform for your API Practice

Having an API doesn’t matter if nobody’s using it. That’s from the O’Reilly book “APIs: A Strategy Guide.. Gartner, in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for...
API space

When you’re wrestling a bear, it’s not over when YOU get tired

It’s been a big week at API World, and I wanted to share some thoughts. It’s an interesting time in the API space, as...
What's omniexperience

What’s omniexperience? Hint: It’s not about you!

What's omniexperience? An omnichannel strategy harmonizes the customer’s path into your organization. It’s about unifying the customer’s experience within your organization’s processes (often a...
digitally transformed

The difference between being digital and being digitally transformed

I think people, at least those that give it any thought, often confuse the transformation in “digital transformation” as a transformation to digital. Those people...
Opposing Forces: How PSD2 regulatory pressures are impacting innovation across Europe’s Financial Services market

How PSD2 regulatory pressures are impacting innovation across Europe’s Financial Services market

It’s interesting, as an American (or at least as this American), to look at the European market from a distance and try to think...

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