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Creating a digital focus for products with API First

Creating a digital focus for products with API First

"API First" is something that often is mentioned when it comes to API strategy and other aspects of how to move to a more...
Fabrick and the open finance ecosystem

Powered by Axway, Fabrick is vying to become Europe’s leading open finance ecosystem

A pioneer in open finance headquartered in Milan, Italy, Fabrick helps banks and third-party solution providers connect and innovate together. With Axway’s Amplify API Management...
introduction to RFC 7807

Representing Problem Details in HTTP APIs: An introduction to RFC 7807

Almost all APIs have a way of how problems and errors can be reported, making it easier to understand for the API consumer that...
Axway Amplify Streams

Is your organization event-enabled?

In the center of consumers, organizations and applications are crucial, valuable data that is expected to be fresh, relevant, and delivered at lightning-fast speeds. Real-time...
Axway Decision Insight uses Operational Intelligence

Axway Decision Insight uses Operational Intelligence (OI) for Controlled Substances Suspicious Order Monitoring “SOM”

The Opioid epidemic has been at the forefront of recent headlines before the COVID-19 pandemic. The DEA has been handing out record fines to...
modernization for URSSAF - Caisse Nationale

Modernizing France’s social security services with URSSAF – Caisse Nationale

Thanks to Axway’s Amplify API Management platform, URSSAF - Caisse Nationale is now handling more than four million daily secure API transactions. And it’s...
Imvision and Axway partner for seamless integration

Imvision and Axway partner for seamless integration

Blind spots are much more than just things you don’t track. Visibility is a big challenge for security professionals today, perhaps the biggest. But all...
jeff bezos api mandate

Jeff Bezos’ API mandate: What the five rules mean and do

In 2002, Jeff Bezos issued what is now known as the API mandate: The new direction at Amazon would be that all capabilities would have...
Unified API and integration governance takeaways

Unified API and integration governance takeaways: Why API complexity happens

It started with customers telling us they had a pain point: they were using multiple API gateways — both from Axway and from other...
Spectral as part of your API platform and your API governance

Hands-on with Spectral: Using API linting for better API design and API governance

Spectral is an open-source API linting tool (powered by Stoplight) that allows users to write rules which then can be used to check API descriptions....

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