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healthcare interoperability

Survey: Patients want what APIs can offer, healthcare interoperability is at a crossroads

In a recent Axway consumer survey, we found many Americans are taking advantage of growing interoperability in healthcare, but there’s still work to do...
a doctor and her patient are smiling at each other and looking at a digital tablet together in a healthcare setting

Responding to interoperability demands in healthcare with self-service and automation

As Patient Bulk FHIR APIs and Payer to Payer FHIR APIs come online, health plans must scale solutions to meet the demands of the...
commonspirit and axway amplify API management customer spotlight

CommonSpirit Health speeds ahead with data-driven patient services

With Axway’s Amplify API Management Platform, CommonSpirit Health has developed a rigorous data governance framework that helps ensure sensitive medical data is always protected....

Interoperability: It’s not just a box to check but an opportunity to transform

So many get stuck in the compliance box mindset that they never realize the transformation opportunity that interoperability presents until it’s too late. Here’s an...
productive healthcare technology 

Why productive healthcare technology goes the distance: Part 4

In Part 3 of our last article, we delved even deeper into what it means to create a health-as-a-service open platform based on FHIR® in...
FHIR(R) and healthcare spectrum

FHIR® within the healthcare spectrum: Part 3

In Part 2, we explored the health-as-a-service platform and its desired objects for a better modern technology approach. In Part 3, we delve into...
health-as-a-service platform

The healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms: Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, 5 roles in the healthcare community, we demonstrated how Axway’s customers span the five main areas of the...
healthcare digital transformation

Healthcare digital transformation: What to know

A focus on improving the consumer experience is driving collaboration and co-innovation across the healthcare ecosystem in healthcare digital transformation. Digital transformation in healthcare cannot...

Accelerate healthcare using APIs and mobile technology

The digital revolution is well underway in healthcare—driven by new and existing generations of connected consumers who are more mobile, technologically sophisticated and want...

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