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Principal Product Manager -- API Management, Lorri has a strong background in healthcare for the last 15 years from both a Provider and Payer perspective. She works closely with technology partners in this capacity to better the provider and patient experiences. Areas of focus include practice management systems, electronic health records, electronic prescribing systems, EDI applications, and integration management. She currently uses her practical and technological healthcare experience to help customers forge ahead in their digital transformation journey utilizing Axway’s API Management and healthcare solutions portfolio.

Interoperability: It’s not just a box to check but an opportunity to transform

So many get stuck in the compliance box mindset that they never realize the transformation opportunity that interoperability presents until it’s too late. Here’s an...
productive healthcare technology 

Why productive healthcare technology goes the distance: Part 4

In Part 3 of our last article, we delved even deeper into what it means to create a health-as-a-service open platform based on FHIR® in...
FHIR(R) and healthcare spectrum

FHIR® within the healthcare spectrum: Part 3

In Part 2, we explored the health-as-a-service platform and its desired objects for a better modern technology approach. In Part 3, we delve into...
health-as-a-service platform

The healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms: Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, 5 roles in the healthcare community, we demonstrated how Axway’s customers span the five main areas of the...
5 roles in the healthcare community

The healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms: Part 1

The healthcare community is guided by one key objective — to deliver the best patient experience during diagnostic, cure, and observation. Axway’s customers span the...
Amplify – Change the Team for Discovered APIs Using the CLI

You are cleared for takeoff with AMPLIFY Central: Your API Traffic Control Tower

APIs are the lifeblood of software development today, allowing information to be shared at lightning speeds between hundreds of different entities. This allows for rapid...

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