Digital Transformation

Are your scorecards aligning or diverging for digital transformation?

Axway enterprise integration platform survey

Know the old saying that “What gets measured gets improved?” It has never been truer than today. Our Axway enterprise integration platform survey gives an interesting insight into how the Line-of-Business and IT senior leaders are sometimes working from different scorecards.

Axway enterprise integration platform survey

This survey conducted at the beginning of 2020, included 850 senior IT and Business leaders from around the world.

What is aligned?

As we highlighted in a previous blog, IT and LOB (line of business) are aligned when we asked, “What are the leading causes of delays in digital project delivery for your organization?” The top three were integration complexity, inflexible legacy architecture, and lack of technical skills.

What diverges?

A gap starts to show when we asked the question, “Where would you consider your organization to be on its journey of digital transformation?”

When given the option of selecting, “We are ‘creating new digital processes’ – there is a dedicated digital transformation team driving change forward strategically,” IT out-paced their LOB counterparts by 11 percentage points (Figure 1).

And the gap grows further when we asked, “Does your organization need to improve its ability to react quickly to changes in your industry?” In answering this question LOB selected “Yes, we need to make significant improvements,” over 14 percentage points than their IT counterparts. So, IT thinks they are doing better than business users (see figure 2).

We have more survey data to share if you need more on this topic. Please reach out via the red “Contact” tab on this page.

But more than learning what other leaders are experiencing, isn’t it time to make sure your scorecards are aligned? Here are some suggestions based on the survey data:

  • Make sure you communicate value in terms of business outcomes
  • Elevate your concerns as well as your optimism
  • Measure what matters to the business
    • Agility, Innovation, Speed
    • Tie outcomes to increased revenue not just reduced cost
  • Keep asking questions and listening

Sometimes you need help to sort out unclear priorities, or just to help validate your strategy and priorities. Axway has a group we call the Catalyst that are ready to help. You can schedule a quick introductory meeting to get started.

What will you do today to drive better alignment?

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