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Transform It Forward with Aviva Fink

Transforming commercial real estate with Aviva Fink

The pandemic served as a catalyst for countless major shifts in the way we work, live, and interact with each other. New habits and...
Transform It Forward with Jacqueline Teo

Transforming the telecommunications industry with Jacqueline Teo

For most businesses, the pandemic brought with it a decline in sales and an overall hit to their revenue streams. While the telecommunications industry...
transforming the future for women in tech

Axway Summit 2021: Transforming the future for women in tech

Although women represent nearly half of the entire workforce today, they’re still massively underrepresented in the technology industry. What’s more, McKinsey’s 2020 Women in the...
digital experiences

Consumers say they worry about their data security and privacy: Build brilliant digital experiences...

In a just-released Axway consumer survey, a majority of Americans say they want greater transparency in how companies handle and track their data. They’re...
Transform It Forward talks with Simon Glass

Video as the future of market research with Simon Glass

Video conferencing for business isn't new. For years, companies have been using it to collaborate, present, and discuss collecting qualitative consumer research. And when...
Transform It Forward with Dan Watt

The changing frontier of insurance with Dan Watt

If there is an industry in need of transformation, it's insurance. Current legacy systems, disparate technology, and antiquated processes cause insurance carriers to lose...
Mr. Open Banking speaks with Andrew Moor

Building a digital bank: An interview with Andrew Moor

The following article is an adapted transcript based on the audio recording of Episode 4 Season 2 of the Mr. Open Banking podcast. The...
Evan Sohn

Transforming talent: Your most important asset with Evan Sohn

Arguably, the company's most important asset is its people. And in today's changing landscape, finding the right people has never been more important. Right now,...
ecosystems and platforms

The automotive industry and a Telco analogy

As an expert on ecosystems and platforms, I am nevertheless taking the risk to share some thoughts I have had to go through lately....

Amplify Whiteboard Series: An open API Management Plane

Layers of digital=transformation Although I’m the new guy at Axway, I’ve been involved with API management and security for many years. During this time, I witnessed...

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