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Interoperability Rule in Healthcare

2020 Medicare Interoperability Rule in Healthcare

Even after 10 years of regulatory investment in digital health, we have not solved the problem of sharing data seamlessly between health systems, health...
Axway and JASStek

JASStek partners with Axway to leverage AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer

JASStek is a digital innovation company that is a trailblazer in blockchain and innovation staffing, along with advanced analytics. They work to enable companies...
integration specialist

How to double your productivity as an integration specialist

Seems like the answer to this question is to work harder. Put in more hours. But that is a recipe for burnout. There is...
Axway enterprise integration platform survey

Are your scorecards aligning or diverging for digital transformation?

Know the old saying that "What gets measured gets improved?" It has never been truer than today. Our Axway enterprise integration platform survey gives...
Axway's second collaboration with BFM

Axway launches second collaboration with BFM [French translation provided]

For the second year in a row, Axway is happy to sponsor the Grands Prix de l'Accélération Digitale 2020 (The 2020 Digital Acceleration Awards)...
Axway Open Up program

Innovate for people you care about! The Axway Open Up program

I recently had a very interesting discussion with a friend about challenges companies have as they transform and the difficulties they must act at...
#BetterConnected hackathon

Hacking for a #BetterConnected future!

This month, Axway team members participated in an internal virtual hackathon that was led by the Axway Griffin Lab. The  Griffin Lab is a...
Griffin Lab

What is the Griffin Lab?

The Griffin Lab is the name of Axway’s innovation lab, where the coolest features of the Axway platform are used in combination with other disrupting technologies to deliver brand-new customer experiences.  The Griffin Lab counts on a top-notch team that co-creates innovative...

Future IT LA: Digital innovation stories from IT leaders

On March 12, 2020, Axway sponsored IDG's Future of IT LA conference in Huntington Beach, CA. IDG brought together local businesses, organizations and agencies...
API Product Culture: Focusing on People

API Product Culture: Ways to Win

I worked in a fantastic API Product Culture on an API team that truly served our stakeholders with insight, empathy and a thoughtful approach....

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