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William McKinney

Senior Director Platform and Solution Marketing - Senior marketing executive experienced in creating data-driven marketing programs and positioning in intensely competitive environments. Specializing in B2B solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, William has delivered results for IBM, PeopleSoft, HP, and Vignette. Always seeking new ideas, connections, and challenges.
API development

Why a “one-size-fits-all” approach to API development doesn’t work

There are multiple "uses for" and "approaches in" developing APIs. Which works best depends on your staff, your target outcomes, and your ability to...
embrace API integration

Does your B2B/EDI team need to embrace API integration?

Many predicted that EDI and the integrations used to move these document exchanges between businesses would be dead by now. So why is it that...
integration specialist

How to double your productivity as an integration specialist

Seems like the answer to this question is to work harder. Put in more hours. But that is a recipe for burnout. There is...
Top 3 ways to use Analyst Reports

Top 3 Ways to Use Analyst Reports to Your Full Advantage

Most developers do not have a seat holder license with an industry analyst firm. That doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn't get your...
Axway enterprise integration platform survey

Are your scorecards aligning or diverging for digital transformation?

Know the old saying that "What gets measured gets improved?" It has never been truer than today. Our Axway enterprise integration platform survey gives...

The number-one bottleneck in digital project delivery

As businesses are transitioning their digital transformation projects to align with current challenges, they are encountering delays. The question asked repeatedly is, "Why can't...
digital business

Why modernization is not enough

Do you have an IT modernization project in progress? Sure you do. The need to keep up with the cost/benefit of cloud; the replacement...
integration backlog

Need to cut your integration backlog? Here’s the blueprint!

“I need this integration complete ASAP. It’s holding up my project… oh, and world peace.”   Sound familiar? When will it ease up? Every day you get a...
Are you a leader or a laggard when it comes to hybrid integration?

Are you a leader or a laggard when it comes to hybrid integration?

Ever wish you could get a checkup on how your company’s IT is performing relative to others? Reviewing Axway’s primary research on hybrid integration...

If you are NOT planning for hybrid integration, you are already late

That's right, the Axway Hybrid Integration Survey showed that out of 550 senior IT leaders worldwide: 14% of already have a hybrid integration platform...

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