Jumpstart your digital transformation with Axway’s Catalysts

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of chemical change. In business and technology, a catalyst is a person who increases the rate of change in an organization, sometimes inducing that very change.

Who are the Axway Catalysts?

We’re a relatively new team at Axway, created at the end of 2018. The team includes luminaries in the API space, located around the globe.

“Our mission is simple — help people make good decisions.”

Sometimes those decisions involve technology, but just as often they center around organizational structure, governance, funding, ecosystems, monetizations, or a dozen other topics. READ MORE: What Is Digital Transformation? For Those Who Still Ask…

To help introduce the team, we’ve created an Axway Catalysts microsite with bios of the team members, recent publications, and events where we are speaking.

We’ve also created a short video to introduce the mission. In the end, we hope some of these companies will become our customers. But, either way, we hope they make good decisions and thrive in this changing market. We want each company we work with to become a success story, emerging from the chemical disruption that is happening both internally and externally to their organization.

Meet the Catalysts. Visit the Axway Catalysts page.

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Chief Catalyst and VP at Axway - Brian Pagano was Global Platform Strategist at Google and was VP of Digital Success at Apigee. Brian worked for years as a technology executive on Wall Street and was a CTO in Italy. He combines a lifelong passion for technology with experience working with some of the world’s top brands, helping them to both modernize and transform.


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