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Axway and OneHealthPort: A Wonderful Success Story

OneHealthPort provides healthcare organizations with a safe, cost-efficient way to share standardized messages with its operating partners on a system-to-system basis. As Washington State’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) which was founded in 2002, OneHealthPort works to solve information interexchange and workflow problems that are collective across many healthcare organizations.

Axway, AWS, and OneHealthPort

Axway and AWS worked closely with OneHealthPort to create the HIE, which has over 50 million transactions supported, along with accompanying many formats. This provides enormous capabilities for a wide range of trading partners to efficiently exchange information daily.

With AMPLIFY™ Hybrid Integration, Axway has provided OneHealthPort with an exceptional solution to allow OneHealthPort to:

  • Deliver highly available solutions
  • Streamline administrative paperwork using AMPLIFY
  • Improve data quality through standardization
  • Speed up the reimbursement processes for healthcare distribution
  • Reinforce community health through observation, monitoring, and coverage
  • Yield better prescription drug monitoring, and better Labor and Industries reporting.

OneHealthPort chose Axway™ B2B Cloud Managed Service and AMPLIFY™ API Management which are implemented on AWS.

Success story

With this great success of three partners working together, Axway, AWS, and OneHealthPort deliver a means for healthcare organizations to confidently and securely exchange data on the AMPLIFY platform.

OneHealthPort serves as the glue that provides connectivity so that hospitals and healthcare organizations can seamlessly communicate and integrate various protocols and message structures that are needed.

AMPLIFY to the rescue!

With Axway’s AMPLIFY integration platform, OneHealthPort gets the support of integration tools from APIs to files across many protocols and services.

The resounding result is that the community can ease administrative complications. With cost-effective ways to communicate and exchange data, OneHealthPort can fast-track reimbursement processes. Data yields improved response time for better health outcomes.

APIs are key

APIs are the key across many protocols and services. APIs speed up the reimbursement process and data exchange to provide more agile services for the customer.

APIs enable pharmacists and physicians to rapidly verify and protect the community from prescription drug abuse. Vaccination records accessed through APIs have become another important tool to improve public health.

Axway’s API Management powers a Health Information Exchange on AWS