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Why productive healthcare technology goes the distance: Part 4

productive healthcare technology 

In Part 3 of our last article, we delved even deeper into what it means to create a health-as-a-service open platform based on FHIR® in the provision of existing healthcare prospects.

In Part 4, we will cover why productive healthcare technology is expected to exchange data quickly, securely, and confidently between multiple applications and entities without complex and difficult solutions that lead to delayed program implementations, revenue damages, patient care holes, and regulatory compliance problems.

Axway meets the challenges

Axway healthcare solutions meet the expectations which allow our customers to focus on care, while we focus on the best way to expand their healthcare data exchange capabilities through FHIR®.

An example of Axway leading the charge with FHIR® is our successful partnership with OneHealthPort.

 “We were created to solve problems around workflow and information exchange that cross enterprise boundaries and our Axway solutions are enabling us to achieve just that.” Rick Rubin, CEO & President

Axway is a facilitator of FHIR®-first healthcare platforms technology

Consequently, over the past three years, we have helped healthcare organizations open their platforms, and as FHIR® standardizes (hence facilitates) medical data exchanges, health portals, and third-party certifications, Axway has helped organizations align towards FHIR®, to align with all industry participants.

As much as HTTP facilitates communications between servers, humans, and devices over the Web, we believe FHIR® will be the catalyst to facilitate open and compatible data exchanges between all healthcare participants.

As each of the participants in their role is working towards this goal of best secure patient experience considering interactions with other participants, Axway has identified a common pattern of requirements for each of these organizations:

  • Portals: Apps, Website to facilitate exchanges with patients and doctors; and APIs to facilitate exchanges with hospital networks and other providers.

Government agencies either develop and maintain their version of a health app or portal, e.g. MaSanté in Belgium.

With two categories of data: patient administrative data and medical data, both considered personal information, and sensitive data for health data.

  • Stores: a collection of apps built by developers from certified organizations, based on Admin and Medical APIs. Per GDPR, any personal data shared with a third party by any organization requires consent from the owner of the data, the citizen.

Hence (as in the banking sector with PSD2) the need for strict consent management then authorization with tokens, as planned in FHIR®.

  • Data Exchanges: to facilitate the exchange of data between providers, patients, medical devices worn or used by patients, and research centers, a specific API is required for the clinical data exchange.

FHIR® also specifies the data and service models to facilitate the foundations of a secure open platform: Security & Monitoring:

  • Security: Identity Management with OpenID Connect, and authentication with Oauth2, along with the now (GDPR) mandatory consent component.
  • Monitoring: for health, IT, and predictive needs, organizations need analytics systems, and especially with medical devices triggering events, alerts.

Axway commitment to FHIR®

FHIR® has become the gold standard of healthcare data exchange since the first iteration in 2014. With governing bodies requiring FHIR® as their standard, Axway is committed to ensuring participants in the Healthcare Community, can fulfill their data exchange requirements today and in the future with FHIR® protocols.

Axway provides a differentiating service and an unwavering commitment to not only be a service provider, but a service partner in pursuit of advancing healthcare to the next level through technology like FHIR®.

As of today…

As of today, nearly 51% of health IT developers appear to be using a version of FHIR® combined with OAuth 2.0. With this in mind, the potential for success and growth is exponential. When combined with the power of Axway and the knowledge that FHIR® provides security that the healthcare tech created today, will be of value tomorrow and beyond, ensuring quick, secure, accurate data exchanges.

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