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PSD2 from compliance to acceleration

How Axway turns PSD2 from compliance to acceleration

Axway turns PSD2 from compliance to acceleration by moving a vision of PSD2 fulfillment to the concept of Open Banking. PSD2 is only the...
productive healthcare technology 

Why productive healthcare technology goes the distance: Part 4

In Part 3 of our last article, we delved even deeper into what it means to create a health-as-a-service open platform based on FHIR...

PSD2 — the electroshock and aftermath [French translation provided]

In the last years, PSD2 has been a violent electroshock for financial institutions. Banking institutions did not see it as a viable opportunity! A large...

SpareBank 1: Axway brings solutions to banking challenges

SpareBank 1 is Norway’s second-largest bank in Norway and an alliance that provides digital solutions for 14 of their banks. Their goal is to...

Opportunities abound in Open Banking

The one sure thing in the world of finance is change. Digitization, growing customer expectation, and global financial regulations all continue to evolve and...

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