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The healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms: Part 1

5 roles in the healthcare community

The healthcare community is guided by one key objective — to deliver the best patient experience during diagnostic, cure, and observation.

Axway’s customers span the five main areas of the healthcare value chain: providers, government health agencies (40% of OECD governments use Axway API technology), payers, research centers, and pharmaceutical and equipment supply (Axway counts 13 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies as customers).

We have solutions high in the value chain — with solutions for prescription drug compliance and Verification Routing Service (VRS) — as well as technology solutions that enable innovation through the patient experience, improved care outcomes, and more.


The healthcare community as experienced by Axway.

In the healthcare community, each participant wants to provide the best service to patients, at an affordable price, while minimizing risk, whatever their role:

  • Providers such as UCLA Health and Dignity Health are focused on providing care to patients, with maximum success rate and minimum risk.
  • Government Agencies of the Victoria State (Australia), Belgium, Washington State (OneHealthPort, USA), and the FDA want to make sure their citizens benefit from the best treatment by participants, by issuing and enforcing guidelines, by facilitating data exchange between participants, and while providing access to health-related data via dedicated and third-part apps and web portals.
  • Payers such as US Blue Cross Blue Shield (Highmark, Anthem) or Henner (France) want to make sure their clients find the best possible provider for their condition, and that they are paid according to the coverage of their clients, while support for patients is provided with a complete view of the patient health record.
  • Research Centers such as Institut Pasteur (France), the Rothschild Foundation (France), and Joanneum Research (Austria) focus on finding the best treatments and drugs per condition, almost always in collaboration with other research centers.
  • Pharmaceutical & Equipment Manufacturers & Supply such as Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cardinal Health, and AmerisourceBergen design, make and deliver drugs and medical devices best fit to treat a condition while managing complex supply chains and product delivery around the world.

Three objectives of each healthcare participant

Axway views customer relationships through a long-term lens. As such, we regularly communicate with our customers to understand their markets and how they view success.

When discussing success factors for their digitalization program with Axway, each of these participants — with various emphasis — focus on the following three key areas:

Objectives of healthcare platforms.

  • User Experience (to drive consumption): Make sure healthcare and wellness products are easy to consume, provide all the options their users would need along their patient journey, and use the latest technologies to have a meaningful impact on care outcomes. Groupe Henner uses Axway to put the patient first, regardless of the medium of engagement:

 “Our ultimate goal is to offer every customer a frictionless way to complete key user journeys online or on mobile.” F. Girardeau, CIO Groupe Henner

  • Continuous innovation (to drive efficiency): always increase efficiency in delivering services at minimum cost, eliminating redundant medical tests and procedures, automating as much as possible, and shipping new features as quickly as possible.

Axway’s customer, Institut Pasteur, uses our platform to build trust with participants as they leverage new technology to help them be more efficient. Building trust pays dividends as they have long-term relationships with their users.

 “All users need to do is create a link and send it to the recipient. They quickly become confident, and able to navigate the solution and web interface without any problems. The return on investment comes from increased time efficiency for our users.” Lionel Lafitte, Institut Pasteur

  • Risk & Governance (to drive resilience): make sure their service has best-in-class reliability, that they comply with regulations, and that their internal data, as well as those of their patients, are protected. The Rothschild Foundation chose Axway because of the breadth and depth of our security heritage and our commitment to data security and enabling proper governance.

“Like many organizations, hospitals are regular targets of cyberattacks. Security is now a vital component of healthcare quality, which also involves making doctors aware of the associated risks and vulnerabilities.” Brice Balleux, Rothschild Foundation

To reach these three objectives sustainably, organizations build API-first platforms that are secure and agile, leveraging whatever technology pattern is the most appropriate for the solution at hand to service their ecosystem and connect to their supply chain.

Elevate your B2B healthcare system into the cloud


Only Axway brings recognized leadership in Amplify API Management, along with the extent of technology patterns that is demanded by healthcare because of the disparity of systems used to deliver care.

Axway’s heritage ensures that whether you have a fully modern IoT, voice-enabled, API integration with a mesh services back-end, or need similar support for file transfer and collaboration, EDI and supply chain management, secure mail, and file transfer, streaming APIs, or more, Axway will deliver.

In Part 2, discover the healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms.

Learn how the Amplify platform accelerates innovation and improves healthcare.