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enterprise API management

Peloton’s API leak: Security requires a combination of technology and processes

Recently, a long-lasting security vulnerability exposing private user data through Peloton's API was made public. It's worth diving into what happened, as it's a...
API complexity

Why 60% of enterprises are dealing with API complexity

With the advent of the cloud, the enterprise IT landscape allowed for lines of business to operate independently and a lot faster, opening up...
Apple's App Tracking Transparency trust

What we’re learning from Apple’s App Tracking Transparency move: Trust is your competitive advantage

As of Apple’s April 26th launch of iOS 14.5, apps must start using the company’s new App Tracking Transparency framework. As Brenton House recently explained,...
four challenges of multiple API gateways

Four challenges of using multiple API gateways: Webinar takeaways

IT architectures are becoming more complex with multiple API gateways. And without central visibility and control over your APIs, multiple gateways can mean various...
Centralized Management of Decentralization

Centralized Management of Decentralization: API Governance at scale

APIs and API management creates the most value when the APIs are closely aligned with value production and flows so that it becomes easier...
top list of API Management vendors

What are the top list of API Management vendors and key criteria

When selecting the right API Management tooling to support your digital initiatives, platforms, and transformation, it's critical to factor in some key criteria that...
An API is a promise

An API is a promise

What is an API? This is an interesting question that can be answered on many levels. There certainly is a technical side to it, then...
API development

Why a “one-size-fits-all” approach to API development doesn’t work

There are multiple "uses for" and "approaches in" developing APIs. Which works best depends on your staff, your target outcomes, and your ability to...
change data capture

Event-driven API Management — Change data capture

We previously introduced why Event-driven APIs matter on the APIFriends blog. Then, last week, I introduced the need for Event-Driven API Management, what capabilities...
5 roles in the healthcare community

The healthcare community-building patient experience with API Platforms: Part 1

The healthcare community is guided by one key objective — to deliver the best patient experience during diagnostic, cure, and observation. Axway’s customers span the...

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