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How to double your productivity as an integration specialist

integration specialist

Seems like the answer to this question is to work harder. Put in more hours. But that is a recipe for burnout. There is a better way.

Integration specialists — the key to success

The key is to get rid of the repetitive, non-differentiated task that fills up your day. How much of your day is spent doing the following?

  • Tweaking the 10% of what is different in onboarding a new partner.
  • Answering the repetitive questions of “Did we get the order/file?”, “Who is using this API?”
  • Tweaking an integration one more time.

How do you move these relatively simple, time-consuming tasks off your plate? Many have started embracing integration platforms that can empower others to do these tasks themselves. Ad-hoc integrators, business power users, and digital innovation teams can do this and more if given the right training, and tools.

Think this is a crazy idea? It is an idea that most IT leaders are embracing. In the Axway 2020 enterprise integration survey, 87% of senior IT leaders agreed with the statement:

“The IT department should not just be integrating for other departments – IT should be enabling others to integrate for themselves.”

Want to see for yourself what a platform approach to integration can do? You can start a free trial here. Do not settle for the integration business as normal. Free yourself to do the innovative things you have been waiting for time to do. Isn’t it time to open integration to others and reduce the part of the job you really dislike, anyway? Axway can help.

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