JASStek partners with Axway to leverage AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer

Axway and JASStek

JASStek is a digital innovation company that is a trailblazer in blockchain and innovation staffing, along with advanced analytics. They work to enable companies to leverage the most up-to-date technology developments while transforming businesses using innovation-driven growth capabilities.

Axway’s solutions for JASStek

Axway AMPLIFY™ Managed File Transfer for Secure File Transfers is the go-to solution for JASStek. MFT works to manage secure file transfers within the banking industry under JASStek’s solutions offering.

With MFT at JASStek’s disposal, the solution enables its offering with Ohio State University to propose the Infrastructure Deferred maintenance analytics solution. Additionally, Axway AMPLIFY™ API Management offering is vital to seamlessly managing APIs.

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Expectations from the partnership with Axway

By joining the Axway Partnership Program, JASStek has gained in-depth knowledge about Axway products and services. JASStek looks forward to reselling and utilizing Axway’s tools into their solutions offerings – this is a key motivator for joining the Axway Partner Program.

When formidable companies partner up, expectations are high. With the Axway and JASStek partnership, three things are in process:

  1. Further pre-sales and sales enablement by providing Axway technical expertise during client presentations.
  2. Assist in RFP response to federal clients.
  3. Advance joint sales pipeline development and management.

The main drivers for Axway solutions among JASStek customers revolve around:

  1. Product maturity.
  2. Ease of integration and implementation.
  3. API approach.

By bringing value to the customer with Axway’s solutions, JASStek avoids reinventing the wheel and reducing implementation time, as well as a strong API approach to systems integration and data transfers, this provides exceptional security for the company.

Going forward, JASStek seeks to further its goals with Axway by building on the joint sales pipeline in commercial and federal space for the future.

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