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API News Roundup – May 2020

API News Roundup - May 2020

As businesses slowly reopen in cities around the world, we turn our attention to how APIs are helping companies transition to a new reality. Here is a look at this month’s top API stories in our monthly API news roundup – May 2020 edition.

Google and Apple announce the Contact Tracing API and Bluetooth spec to warn users of COVID-19

Due to the ongoing threat posed by SARS-CoV-2, Google and Apple have teamed up to announce a new API and Bluetooth Low Energy specification called “Contact Tracing.” The idea behind contact tracing is to inform users if they’ve recently been in contact with someone who has been positively diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Can API vendors solve healthcare’s data woes?

A functioning healthcare system depends on caregivers having the right data at the right time to make the right decision about what course of treatment a patient needs.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic and the acceleration of the consumer adoption of telemedicine, along with the fragmentation of care to a number of different low-cost providers, access to a patient’s medical records to get an accurate picture of their health becomes even more important.

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Vonage Video API Supports Doctolib Telehealth

Vonage, a leading provider of communications solutions, recently announced that consultation management software company Doctolib has benefitted from its software. The Doctolib brand has been able to strengthen its commitment to healthcare professionals in the COVID-19 environment, with a service built on video APIs from Vonage.

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API Attacks Increase During Lockdown

Cyber-attacks against API endpoints have increased since lockdown measures were introduced to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Threat research published today by California cybersecurity software company Cequence noted a huge spike in malicious traffic since April, with API endpoints being targeted far more than usual.

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CIOs Can Weaponize Their API Architectures Through Better Governance

All IT practitioners are familiar with the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable the transfer of data and automate the generation of information among a collection of business applications. But even the most ardent advocate of API integration might find the quote above to be an overly dramatic call to arms on the part of an overzealous API evangelist. In fact, the quote is commonly referred to as The API Mandate.

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API Management in 2020: The Age of Hybridization

Today’s IT architects face many challenges in their API strategies. For many, the shift to APIs was undertaken in the wake of digital transformation strategies several years ago.

Read the full blog post. raises $4.6M video chat API service

API-powered startups are having a good year, with Plaid’s mega-exit to Visa still fresh in mind. And digital video-powered startups are also having a good year, as the world stays home more than before and work shifts to a more remote-friendly landscape. What about a company that does both?

Well, they’d probably raise money and see their usage spike, right? That’s precisely the case with, a startup that has both raised new capital this year and has seen usage of its product rapidly rise.

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TikTok Finally Opens Ads API to a Partner: Sprinklr

As TikTok’s growth skyrockets, many media buyers scratched their heads last year over the delay in making advertising accessible quickly.

After starting in beta, the self-serve platform was released last year, and now they have greenlit their first API connection with Sprinklr.

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Thank you for reading our API News roundup – May 2020. We’ll see you next month with more API headlines.

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