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Imvision and Axway partner for seamless integration

Imvision and Axway partner for seamless integration

Blind spots are much more than just things you don’t track. Visibility is a big challenge for security professionals today, perhaps the biggest. But all...
enterprise API management

Peloton’s API leak: Security requires a combination of technology and processes

Recently, a long-lasting security vulnerability exposing private user data through Peloton's API was made public. It's worth diving into what happened, as it's a...

Amplify Whiteboard chat #4 – Policy Agents

Previously in my Amplify articles, I covered an open API Management Plane, API Discovery and Subscriptions, and API observability and traffic analytics. In my final Whiteboard...

Top 10 API trends for 2021

2021 Digital Transformation Trends are a key indicator for the future of APIs. APIs run the world and 2020 saw a huge increase in...
Open Banking in the USA

The future of Open Banking in the USA

Open Banking in the USA — status The Open Banking movement starts with the banking industry, but it will soon expand to Open Everything: open...
event-driven API Management solutions

Event-driven API Management introduction

We hope you are now convinced Event-Driven APIs matter! If not yet, please click HERE. So, let’s assume now you have Event-driven APIs and they...
network security

What is network security?

Let’s face it, network structures are under siege from cyberattacks and vulnerabilities. These exposures can be wide-ranging from applications, users, data, or even locations....

API News Roundup – August 2020

Summer is coming to an end, and that means back to school. So we are taking you back to school with our monthly API...

5 security challenges to API protection

Let’s face it, APIs are everywhere and that makes protecting your APIs challenging at best. To be effective, security must be safe and secure....
Five ways APIs help

Five ways APIs help businesses during uncertain times

APIs are the key drivers of any business. Companies need to evolve quickly — either scaling up or down. With an API-driven platform, you...

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