Adelius brings a strong partnership to Axway

Axway and Adelius partnership

Adelius is a System Integrator and Managed Services company that provides engineers specialized in IT production and operations. Because of the expertise on certain technologies and partnerships that have been set up, Adelius started to offer integration services and assistance to carry out migrations or optimizations on technologies.

Finally, after a few years, the quality of the engineers being recognized, Adelius was entrusted with consulting and auditing missions which allowed to reinforce the skills and the reputation of the engineers.

So the idea of gathering these skills and offering them to customers and partners within the framework of the Competence Centers was born.

Axway and Adelius partnership

To date, four Competence Centers have been implemented at Adelius in different fields. Based on a strong partnership with Axway, Adelius has developed a Competence Center around flow management. This approach is a mark of competence, trust and a desire for joint development.


The purpose of the Competence Center is to offer the full range of services from consulting and audit to unitary technical assistance, including integration services, projects, and the ability to deliver outsourcing type services.

It is also the possibility to involve our experts and specialists as trainers within My Campus. My Campus is the only French training center approved by Axway for MFT training. Read more about the real-world demo on MFT.

Four types of profiles

The Skills Center brings together four types of profiles: Experts, Certified Specialists, Experienced Engineers, and General Engineers. The Competence Center is led and managed by a Technical Leader who is a team-recognized expert whose role is to ensure the development and maintenance of skills, who drive technological watch and often provide the technical link between the partner and the Competence Center’s technical community.

What are the main benefits for Axway AMPLIFY™ Managed File Transfer customers of this service offer? Mainly three types.

Firstly, the Competence Center provides the client with a guarantee of continuity, flexibility, and adaptability that no other Technical Assistance, global outsourcing or service center can offer.

In addition, Competence Center subscriptions natively include provisions to provide the client with the necessary improvements and to implement the improvement plan (definition and action plan).

Finally, it’s clear the Center of Competence operates on a commitment to results, thus providing guarantees of the quality of services, resolution, or completion with complex projects or skills requests.

In the case of integration or migration projects, there is a similar organization with a series of specific stages. The experts will most often participate in the diagnostics and studies allowing the customer to define its choice and the options he needs (the type of license, sizing, options to be pursued).

As part as our partnership, Axway and Adelius collaborate on several projects reflecting the complementarity between the vendor and the integrator. Among others, we can mention:

  • A large temping company: after the first consulting service, Adelius took the support of the XFB Gateway tool. The customer relying totally on the competence of the integrator to ensure the follow-up of his needs and their evolution. As for the vendor, he is constantly looking for the solutions best adapted to the context (product evolution, licenses, complementary products). Adelius and Axway are currently responding to a wider call for tenders on flow management.
  • A public company financing entrepreneurs: this public organization, after having searched on the web for a flow management specialist, called on Adelius upon recommendation of Axway. Together they developed a partnership with the client to meet his different needs both in terms of flows (which are a strategic element of the company’s activity) and scheduling. The client now has privileged access to the Adelius Competence Center, which also relies on Axway’s R&D.
  • We can also mention two service companies whose flow management is regulated by their partners and which require them to use the CFT tool. Not having any skills in this field, these two companies turned to Adelius and Axway to entrust them with the entire management of this domain, relying on the Competence Center and the guarantees provided by the vendor.

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