Axway adds API Management offering to Brazil’s SEC4YOU

SEC4YOU and Axway

SEC4YOU is a Brazilian information security consulting company focused on Identity Management, Application Security (DevSecOps), Privacy Protection, and Cybersecurity which delivers safe Digital Transformation to different segments and industries.

SEC4YOU and Axway’s partnership

“SEC4YOU has been developing secure digital projects for a long time,” said Leandro Turbino, CMSO at SEC4YOU.

Leandro Turbino, CMSO at SEC4YOU

“We evaluated Axway solutions and realized the strategic value of bringing such outstanding and well-recognized products into our portfolio to deliver world-class solutions to the market.”

The Brazilian company is now part of Axway’s partnership program. With well-recognized solutions that deliver world-class solutions to the market, SEC4YOU joins an elite group of partners that are well-positioned globally.

AMPLIFY API Management

Axway’s AMPLIFY™ API Management complements SEC4YOU’s secure digital transformation offering.

Currently, SEC4YOU delivers a reference technology architecture used by many digital banks and FinTechs, making AMPLIFY API Management a great fit for their customers, as well as the entire AMPLIFY platform.

“We are a benchmark in the digital banking and electronic payment market and intend to expand our secure digital transformation technology architecture to other segments such as retail, healthcare, telecom, and manufacturing,” adds Turbino.

With Axway’s partnership, SEC4YOU has special goals in place. With the structured channel program and transparent policies that promote the development of the channel ecosystem, SEC4YOU seeks to utilize Axway’s resources — as well as its sound technology — to expand its offerings to new customers and its established customer base.

Value of the solutions for customers

With robust and internationally recognized solutions that allow customers to promote innovation in their processes and businesses, Axway brings exceptional value to SEC4YOU’s customers.

“We want to become one of Axway’s main partners for secure digital transformation in Brazil and bring new business opportunities to grow and strengthen Axway’s footprint in the country,” said Turbino. “In parallel, we want to expand our offerings, acquire new customers, and offer a robust service portfolio for deployment and maintenance involving Axway products.”

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