Five ways APIs help businesses during uncertain times

Five ways APIs help

APIs are the key drivers of any business. Companies need to evolve quickly — either scaling up or down. With an API-driven platform, you have the vital tools to fast-track and automate your business. Below are five ways APIs help to propel your business forward.

Five ways APIs help

  1. API-First: With an API-First approach, your enterprise can structure its products and services as loosely coupled chains of digital components (APIs). This means you have fundamental elements in place to help your business adapt to constant changes. This sound approach gives you reformed connections of API-centric services. This allows businesses to keep moving forward.
  2. Know your digital assets: It’s important to know what digital assets already exist within your company. Having a clear oversight provides better decision-making and accelerates time to market and value. Without a satisfactory outline or entry to prebuilt integrations, you can grapple with the tremendous complexity of copious amounts of integration, or building what you already have. By having a main go-station in place for all your APIs, as well as integration patterns, you gain a better overview and control of all technologies in place.
  3. Activate your assets: Be sure to galvanize all your resources. This includes ground-to-cloud for your enterprise to rotate. Further, you need to be able to enter resources via a platform that supports them. When you have an API Management platform in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid, you can produce a mutual, reusable API layer that provides the ability to cross from cloud to ground.
  4. Scale up! This is an important step. With legacy applications, keep in mind that you need to update the entire system from the ground up. Additionally, with microservices powered by APIs, you can break down the pillars into more streamlined services. This gives your enterprise the capability to be self-governing and accessible. The end result: You gain time in bringing time-to-market as a reality.
  5. Security: Security should not be an afterthought; it needs to be part of the main design. When you have connections that go further than just on-premises or the cloud, security is a must. Thinking outside the box is key. Legacy technology simply doesn’t work. Having a secure and centralized infrastructure that utilizes an API Gateway, your enterprise gains better access and control to protect your systems and clients.

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