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Unified API and integration governance takeaways

Unified API and integration governance takeaways: Why API complexity happens

It started with customers telling us they had a pain point: they were using multiple API gateways — both from Axway and from other...
Zero trust API layer

Zero Trust: Moving from perimeter security to API layer, continuous authentication

*Republished with permission from Traditionally, Zero Trust has been focused on moving beyond the network perimeter. But with the growing use of APIs, Zero...
is your software past its prime

Is your software past its prime? Four key reasons to ditch outdated solutions (even...

There’s a certain level of nostalgia about software. We often hate to let it go, or circumstances don’t allow us to. Take Microsoft Windows, for...
four challenges of multiple API gateways

Four challenges of using multiple API gateways: Webinar takeaways

IT architectures are becoming more complex with multiple API gateways. And without central visibility and control over your APIs, multiple gateways can mean various...
multiple API Gateway's value

Multiple API Gateways: Managing complexity to bring better value

Multiple API Gateway's value lies in knowing how to manage the complexity in today’s world with the right solution in place. SmartBear’s State of API...
API Lifecycle Management: Deprecation and Sunsetting"

API Lifecycle Management: Deprecation and Sunsetting

APIs are products and go through the same lifecycle as all products. They get created, see some usage, get improved over time based on...
multiple API Gateways

Multiple API Gateways: Why does it happen and what are the challenges?

Many organizations have multiple API Gateways in place. This can complicate the goal of creating an organization-wide approach for managing and using APIs. However,...
Five ways APIs help

Five ways APIs help businesses during uncertain times

APIs are the key drivers of any business. Companies need to evolve quickly — either scaling up or down. With an API-driven platform, you...
Axway technology

Can we change the world with this hack?

A thrilling invite... All of a sudden, I had a meeting invite from a stranger in my inbox. I was contacted by an agency who...
Racing team working at pit stop

Microservices: Build for speed, design for change

In a world made of software, it’s no longer just an IT decision on how we build applications. Let’s talk about how a modular...

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