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Accelerating business growth via APIs

API strategy

What did it take for Star Entertainment Group in Australia to solve their digital transformation woes? Our video explores the topic of accelerating business growth via APIs in this fourth video. Watch the video to learn all about how a solid API strategy came to the rescue for the Star Entertainment Group by utilizing APIs with AMPLIFY API Management.

Customer experience is at the very heart of innovation and delivers true value and continuity. As one of Australia’s largest gaming and entertainment companies, Star Entertainment Group provides many opportunities to its customers. What Star Entertainment Group needed to do is establish a new way to disrupt its customer experience, as well as create new innovation plans for its casino hotels to provide real digital transformation across all its properties.

API strategy

Enter APIs. When seeking an API fix, Star Entertainment Group created an app that had a strong API strategy, this brought about a “unified experience,” across all its properties. Axway enabled their digital transformation to come full circle via effective and trustworthy APIs that furthered their power processes.

Furthermore, “this helps their visitors who are thinking about staying at the hotel to be able to book a room, book restaurant reservations, as well as shows and entertainment.” With all these wonderful possibilities at one’s fingertips, the benefits of APIs are endless. One is able to create a faster and more streamlined approach for your company. Customers are now able to have full access to such items as promotions and offers, as well as being able to pump up their Loyalty program. What wasn’t a reality before is now a full-on digital transformation for the Star Entertainment Group.

APIs enabled Start Entertainment Group to tie all their services together under one app with the benefits of Axway’s AMPLIFY API Management. As explained, “the payback was made within four months” of installing this application. Revenue boosts were way up, “even if you’re an existing player you can certainly disrupt the status quo by creating these new experiences that bring stuff together in a way that creates great convenience for your customers.”

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