APIs and security: What you need to know

APIs and security
APIs and security

APIs are extraordinary pieces of technology, yet they also come with security risks. It’s important to be fully aware of the necessary measures you need to have in place to ensure you are up-to-date on APIs and security.

APIs and security

Every day, you hear about APIs being exposed and having their security compromised—not an uncommon story. Therefore, it’s important to have best practices in place to be successful. To work in partnership, you must first gear up for the battle of possible breaches.

With so many apps being utilized daily around the world, security risks are constantly developing. So, how do you protect your APIs? For starters, an important API and security measure to implement is AMPLIFY API Management. With API Management in place, you “enable easier security configuration and the ability to meet complex security requirements” that are needed to protect your APIs. This safeguard helps to protect against nefarious hackers and protect against criminal assaults on your APIs.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just having your APIs protected by a user name and password will be enough, security is much more advanced. You need to hide all your API clues, so hackers won’t have access to your APIs. Security is extremely important when protecting your APIs because so much goes into the process to protect your APIs, you need a strong foundation. It’s always a good reminder to just assume that your data is up for grabs by prying eyes.

Authenticate, please

Another measure that is needed is to always authenticate. With authentication taking place early on, you are gathering the identity of the end user. From there, you can authorize who gets access to your information. Further, encryption is important to protect your data. Nobody wants third parties reading your data—always a bad idea. There are many areas where possible breaches within APIs can occur, know your target specifications to protect your information.

API Gateway: Why you need it

On top of APIs and security, you need to have an API Gateway at your disposal. The Gateway is just that, a gate to secure your APIs. The Gateway goes one step further and checks authorization and boundaries by the user. An API Gateway is a definitive and necessary doorway you need to have in place to secure your APIs.

Buyer beware! In the end, if you don’t have proper security in place for your APIs, more havoc will take place via security breaches.

Learn more about API security threats and how Ping Identity and Axway are combatting the problem.

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