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There is no best API style. But there is one best solution for all of them.

With the combination of traditional patterns and emerging newer API styles, customers increasingly need to work with and govern a variety of APIs. This is part of a larger movement toward a more expansive view of API management.

As Chief Product Officer Vince Padua noted late last year, most companies don’t have just one API platform, but several, and they leverage multiple API models, including REST, events, and integration flows, spread across multiple clouds from multiple providers.

It was clear from the start that Amplify Enterprise Marketplace needed to be able to handle more than just REST APIs or WSDL. Here is a look at newer patterns for which we’ve added support, so you can operationalize all your APIs and deliver digital initiatives faster with your API marketplace.

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Asynchronous APIs

More and more people are interested in event driven architectures, often in the context of providing stakeholders information that can’t be provided in real-time or whereby the function of the communication itself isn’t instant.

This type of communication pattern is not suitable for the typical REST (Synchronous) APIs, which typically return data instantly. And this is where event-driven APIs, aka Asynchronous APIs, fit in.

You can think of it in the following way: when you make a synchronous request, you pull data from a server, but you can use an asynchronous request to ask the server to push the data to you.

In the last several years, event-driven APIs have gained steam because they offer an excellent solution for some specific pain points and use cases in our always-on, data-heavy world.

Microservices are another good use case for asynchronous API requests. Instead of polling for new information, services can subscribe to events that matter to them and receive push updates.

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Axway Enterprise Marketplace can render an AsyncAPI in the Enterprise Marketplace UI to make the discovery and subscription management an easy experience. This experience for the consumer is the same regardless of the API style.

Once the API has been secured and is automatically discovered or manually registered, consumers can engage with it through the Marketplace and request credentials to onboard the API in their applications.

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Support for GraphQL

Back in 2018, a new API style emerged: GraphQL. This modern style enables you to get only what you need: no more, no less. And GraphQL’s human-like language makes it easier for even non-developers to write and understand queries.

The Axway API Gateway was enriched with GraphQL API support in late 2023. It was high time for the Amplify Enterprise Marketplace to onboard this API style too. For that, the Axway Discovery Agent has been enhanced to understand and push this new API style to the Service Registry.

Like any other API, you can also manually register a GraphQL API directly in the Service Registry if no Discovery Agent is available for your Gateway.

Once available in the service registry, the GraphQL API can be used in an Asset and then packaged and monetized in an API – like any other API Style.

Once published in the Amplify Enterprise Marketplace, the consumer can find it, test it using the GraphQL editor to validate that it answers the need, and use it in their applications.

Put all your APIs to work with Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

Axway’s approach to APIs has been straightforward: offer a flexible and adaptable solution, allowing businesses to embrace a path to greater API adoption.

“We want to empower [customers] with the freedom to choose, integrate, and evolve without being shackled by a one-size-fits-all solution,” says Vince Padua.

This is what we continue to strive to achieve, as represented in a recent demo by Arun Dorairajan, Senior Solution Architect at Axway. Here, he explains how Amplify Platform enables teams to work with all types of APIs, regardless of pattern, style, deployment, or vendor gateway.



Thanks to new pattern support and other recent enhancements, Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is ready to help your teams secure, govern, productize, and monetize all your enterprise’s APIs.

Watch a demo: see how Amplify Platform helps you harness your APIs through a seamless marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • Amplify Enterprise Marketplace supports multiple API styles: REST, WSDL, GraphQL, AsyncAPI.
  • API consumers benefit from a single place and a single way to see all these API styles.
  • Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is open to any kind of API style.