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How Digitalized File Transfer technology supports the retail industry

How Digitalized File Transfer technology supports the retail industry

To most of us (perhaps all), we don’t really care or are interested in how supermarkets ensure that our favorite brand of chocolate or...

Building Data Exchange Self-Service Model with Axway

Axway has been working for many years with large organizations from all industries to create enterprise-wide shared service centers of excellence for data exchange....

Five tips to modernize your banking infrastructure

In today’s global economy, the banking playing field and banking infrastructure are faced with a plethora of obstacles that can slow their business down. For a...
industry consolidation

How modernizing your Managed File Transfer Solution helps with industry consolidation

Hey IT Leaders, it’s Time to Modernize Your Legacy Systems and Build an Infrastructure Supporting Digital Business! But how and from which point to...

Boost your IT modernization with File Transfer solution

Does your existing file transfer infrastructure support all critical interactions in your organizations and your business partner? And what about your customer transactions involving...

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