Managed Cloud: MFT

Building Data Exchange Self-Service Model with Axway


Axway has been working for many years with large organizations from all industries to create enterprise-wide shared service centers of excellence for data exchange. Building a data exchange self-service model with Axway utilizes these benefits. The benefits from a cost-saving and security perspective are undisputed but the ability to sustain the growth is challenging as the demands on the core team grow.  The solution is to create a technology platform relying on Axway Digital Managed Files Transfer that allows the application business groups to perform key tasks such as data exchange setups and troubleshooting tasks themselves. This technology securely enables broader consumption of your MFT services through APIs and empowers your business to innovate.

Axway enables its customers to maintain the benefits of shared service but also creates the opportunity to contain costs and improve partner relationships by enabling the stakeholders to perform key tasks themselves and without having to be experts in the technology.

Watch the video with Jamie Berkoff, solution consulting leader and learn how to create a shared service consumption model with Axway AMPLIFY MFT