Operational Intelligence for MFT

Boost your IT modernization with File Transfer solution

Does your existing file transfer infrastructure support all critical interactions in your organizations and your business partner? And what about your customer transactions involving you and their business partners? Are they efficiently handled by your legacy systems?

We are happy to introduce you to some great enhancements to the Axway Managed File Transfer solution that enables the transformation of your managed file transfers into digital file transfer shared services.

For decades, Axway has continuously invested in Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) to provide its customers with best-in-class Axway Managed File Transfer solutions that support business-critical processes in the finance, automotive, logistics, and retail industries.

Maintaining current solutions is not enough, the digital tsunami is putting legacy IT under pressure, and modernizing IT for a digital era is more critical than ever. Organizations need an MFT solution that can help increase operational efficiency while complying with the growing number of new regulations.

They need to deliver upon more stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and face ever-increasing security risks and demands to support new business innovations. Customers need to deliver to their business an MFT service that helps to increase operational efficiency, reduces security and compliance risks while helping the business to innovate faster. In short, they need to set up and deploy Digital MFT Shared Service.

To respond to these new requirements, Axway is happy to deliver Amplify Managed File Transfer enabling the secure exchange of files with expanding partner and customer ecosystem by supporting real-time engagement and on-demand consumption of services through APIs.

The new release leverages the AMPLIFY Marketplace to deliver:

  • New SecureTransport plugins to integrate with LDAP or RADIUS security infrastructure
  • A significant number of packaged flow patterns and models for self-service and faster flow configuration deployment
  • Numerous extensions to better integrate with Cloud architecture

To learn more, read also AMPLIFY MFT business cases:

  • AG2R La Mondiale
    Making pension contributions and payouts pay off
  • State of California
    Providing secure, automated file exchange for 22 California state agencies and hundreds of partners and end-users.
  • Internal Revenue Service
    With external collaboration made possible by Axway, the Internal Revenue Service recovers $8.7B in lost tax dollars globally.

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