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How Digitalized File Transfer technology supports the retail industry

How Digitalized File Transfer technology supports the retail industry

To most of us (perhaps all), we don’t really care or are interested in how supermarkets ensure that our favorite brand of chocolate or perishables are always available on shelves or how we get our selected meal on a flight for anyone, who is interested, there is a lot of technical enabling involved to make all this happen seamlessly. When we are talking about communication and data exchange across the company and its entire ecosystem in the above paragraph, we are actually referring to digitalized file transfer of tens, hundreds or even thousands of files each day that contain information on millions of rows of financial transactions, product/goods order details and so on.

These transfers take place between businesses and hundreds and thousands of suppliers and vendors, creating an expansive Customer Experience Network. As an end result, supermarkets never run out of goods to services to consumers,* airlines have the right meals for each passenger and clients’ bank balances reflect all the right transactions, debit and credits. All for a successful Customer Experience.

Solutions like Axway AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer is a fundamental part of communication across many industries (retail, banking and finance, transportation, health and many more) to ensure services and products are delivered to day-to-day consumers in a safe, secure and timely manner.

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The recent enhancements to the Axway Amplify MFT solution give the opportunity to organizations to fast track their product and service enablement for internal and external parties.

How? It lets us further benefit from streamlining MFT Customer Onboarding process using APIs.

+Existing MFT Solution


#AMFT Solution (Digital Transformation)


Digitalized File Transfer solution relying on APIs provides several benefits:

  • Remove reliance on other BUs and Departments for MFT processes
  • Significantly reduce errors due to manual process
  • Self-service for end-users (partners, BUs) to manage and provision their accounts instantly.
  • Create MFT solutions in a matter of minutes, not in days or weeks
  • Drastically reduce the cost of maintaining and creating MFT solutions
  • Integrate MFT solutions with Business, Dev-Ops, IT and third-party applications
  • And many other benefits

The above Digitalized File Transfer solution will be visually demonstrated using a mobile application in the coming days, providing a more technical insight. Please stay tuned.

As a quick summary of how Axway Amplify MFT solution, POS (Point of Sale) systems at retailers generate stock update information into a file and these files are automatically sent to the head office. Then these files are consolidated and sent to suppliers with all relevant supply and store details to ensure supplies are delivered to stores on time and in the most direct way to benefit consumers, keeping shelves stocked in the most effective way.

Now with Amplify MFT, onboarding new suppliers, inquiring on store stock updates, tracking of order information between stores, head office and suppliers are further simplified. In addition, businesses have the flexibility to integrate Axway Amplify MFT solution with their choice of custom, legacy and other third-party applications to deliver a more seamless, single solution to deliver a better customer experience for the end-consumers, all while keeping the costs down and improving effectivity for retailers and all other kinds of businesses.

*There may be exceptional cases.
*High-level representation and may vary across each organization. The process usually takes three to six weeks.
* High-level representation. Takes merely a few minutes.

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