EasiRun and Axway partner up for successful modernization

EasiRun and Axway partner up for successful modernization

EasiRun is a European provider of tools for application modernization and transformation, assisting enterprises with digital transformation in hybrid environments where Axway’s solutions are essential elements to their foundation.

With the strong Amplify API Management Platform, EasiRun complements and enhances Axway products. Find out more about this successful partnership collaboration with insights from Donald Fitzgerald, Managing Director of EasiRun.

About EasiRun

EasiRun has expertise in the areas of mainframe, Cloud, Java, Open Source, .NET, and COBOL (Linux, UNIX, Windows).

EasiRun focuses on Eclipse IDEs, COBOL compilers, and transpilers, as well as data management, web browser solutions, application analysis, automation, integration, and API Enablement. specialized niches that enable complicated IT modernization, reduce technical debt, and drive digital transformation.

The project, which was created to secure the long-term viability and reusability of old programs, has demonstrated better modern tools deployed by EasiRun, which helps to make IT landscapes manufacturer-independent and cost-effective.

The wide range of consulting services covers the entire gamut of the modernization of applications, application development, and execution.

Why did you join the Axway Partner Program?

Our recognition of professionalism, the organization in itself, and the need for close contact with Axway experts and partner management was decisive. We realized that it’s imperative to have close connections to all relevant areas of the Axway organization.

Which solutions drew you to Axway and why? 

The Amplify API Management Platform gave EasiRun better opportunities to bring its offering to assist customers with legacy applications and move these into hybrid landscapes.

Compared to other providers and tools, Axway offers better, more comprehensive opportunities for our clients, which in turn, complements EasiRun’s skills.

Expectations of the partnership from Axway

Quite simply, enhanced capabilities to successfully address customer projects. Complexity has become the order of the day in the ever-expanding hybrid world of IT projects. We are convinced that Axway will assist in reducing the complexity while increasing the value of the overall market offering that we have in place.

What are the main drivers for Axway solutions among your customers?

The need to focus more on tools and processes and less on human resources for addressing standard challenges. Axway solutions fit well as a support for improved business processes, meeting expectations of sales, users, and customers, especially in situations where there are not enough resources to address critical tasks related to digital transformation.

What value do you think Axway’s solutions will bring to your customers?

Primarily enhanced quality, security, and maintainability of API solutions and their implementation and use. Additionally, a strongly reduced time to market for business solutions.

Axway’s solutions provide better and maintainable solutions that provide reliable information about bottlenecks, usage, cost, and required scaling of applications and application components.

Shared success?

In general, being a serious contender in the API marketplace has raised awareness of Axway’s offerings with our customers. The visibility and acknowledgment of the potential is the first, important step. The Marketplace is now aware of our combined capabilities. It’s a win-win all around.

What are your goals for the future with Axway?

First and foremost, we want to utilize our skills, experience, and success in Legacy Modernization, therefore expanding what Axway offers to address Legacy API enablement as the major success factor for digital IT transformation.

Thank you to Donald Fitzgerald of EasiRun for taking the time to talk about our partnership, and here’s to many more successful modernization projects to come!

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