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What is API integration

What is API integration?

APIs are ubiquitous these days! From entering your information when purchasing something online to mobile phones or e-business applications, all things come back to...
API News Roundup – July 2020

API News Roundup – July 2020

Summer is in full swing and it's time to take a vacation! But we are not taking a break from our monthly API news...
What is API testing

What is API testing?

API testing refers to testing APIs to ascertain if they meet the requirements for performance, security, functionality and dependability. For starters, APIs don’t have a...
API testing strategy

API testing strategy: Who is testing your API-driven product?

The beginning of 2020 has been a rocky one. Most organizations around the world are forced to identify new ways to maintain current consumers...

How to pick the best API creation tool (for your needs)

With the rise of the API Economy, forward-looking enterprises are increasingly relying on off-the-shelf tooling to help them fast-track their digital transformation journeys. Key...
API design, testing and monitoring

API design, testing and monitoring – Interview with SmartBear Software

For this week's interview, I'm very happy to welcome Greg Lord, Director Product Marketing at Smartbear Software. Stephane Castellani: Hi Greg, can you please present...
APIs and hybrid integration

API testing and monitoring: Interview with API Fortress

After the recent interviews with StreamData.io about API streaming and Cloud Elements about Saas connectors, I had this week the opportunity to discuss API...

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