API Basics

What is API integration?

APIs are ubiquitous these days! From entering your information when purchasing something online to mobile phones or e-business applications, all things come back to APIs.

This powerful technology enables interaction between systems, applications, mobile devices, and apps. But what is API integration, exactly?

What is API integration?

API integration is a connection between two or more applications, via their APIs, that lets those systems exchange data between each other. Today, in our app-connected world, API integration is critical to all organizations.

APIs allow organizations to open a connection to the “outside world,” leading to creative innovations and assisting with digital transformation initiatives.

Why is API integration important for your business?

Having a seamless API integration platform allows businesses to leverage existing application functions with other systems and applications.

With an API, for example, a company database can be made available to other internal systems, instead of being isolated to one team.

Many companies provide APIs to their customers and partners to ensure that relevant data is shared seamlessly.


A flawless API integration process requires time and investigation. An organization must embark on the process of determining which APIs should be shared internally and with external systems.

This requires investigation into the APIs that are available and deciding how these can be optimally utilized by existing IT infrastructure.

Data movement

Because APIs can be connected to both internal and external systems, organizations need to determine how this data will move. Once an organization has identified the APIs to be utilized, it must properly inventory the destination points of the data.

Verification and Security

As APIs can be shared with customers and partners, organizations need to ensure that data moves securely. Verifying and securing APIs is a critical step in the process of making sure that your organization has a robust API management strategy.

Learn about Amplify API Management Platform here in this video.


Testing your APIs

Before opening the doors to your data, organizations need to have a proper testing strategy for their APIs. Learn more about what API testing involves.

Companies should establish API integration as a vital corporate strategy. The volume of APIs often grows rapidly, making it more and more difficult to maintain and control. Take control of your IT infrastructure today, by modernizing full API Management!

APIs are a beneficial aspect to all enterprises because they enable the extraction of data from different systems and increase the usability of that data.

This powerful technology enables enterprises to monetize and profit from that data. API integration also helps tie it all together!

It’s time for an open platform for API Management. Are you open?

Bring your APIs in from the wild and discover more information.