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API News Roundup – July 2020

API News Roundup – July 2020

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to take a vacation! But we are not taking a break from our monthly API news roundup. Here is your look at the top API News headlines for July 2020.

Cloud API Market Revenue to Rise by US$1773.9 Mn Owing to Increasing End-use Adoption

The cloud API is growing at a faster phase owing to the wide adoption of smartphones and cloud applications for back-end services. Cloud API differs as per the service and solution, for instance, three major types of services are Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Businesses globally are also adopting cloud technology, this is driving the demand for cloud API. The increasing number of connected devices with the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) is also playing an important role in the growth of cloud API. As faster analysis and monitoring are possible through cloud API, which has become necessary for connected devices.

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API Testing Market Is Thriving Worldwide with Axway, Astegic, IBM

API testing is a type of software testing that involves the testing of a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) directly and as part integration testing to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, performance, reliability, and security. It is a formal specification that acts as a guaranteed contract between two separate pieces of software. The automation of API testing requires less code so it can provide faster and better test coverage. It helps the companies to reduce the risks.

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10 Ways To Prevent An API Data Breach

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the invisible ties binding together modern digital life. Whether you’re turning on the lights with a smart voice device, paying for groceries with a swipe of your phone, or using geolocation for delivery, APIs work in concert to make many customer experiences possible. At each point of connectivity, however, bad actors can exploit weak links in these digital handshakes and pry away your customers’ personal information.

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Echosec Systems Launches Platform API for Threat Intelligence

Echosec Systems has launched an API, providing direct access to previously unavailable data feeds from fringe social, deep, and dark web sources. Some of the most imminent digital and physical threats now originate on obscure social networks and paste sites that are notoriously difficult to access and integrate into threat intelligence processes.

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You’re thinking about contact tracing wrong

With contact tracing, just because you want to call someone to talk about exposure, doesn’t mean they want to (or can) answer. With the variety of messaging (and messaging APIs) available, you need to pivot to meet your customers in a way your customers want to connect.

How APIs are empowering future cities

Data acts as the spine of smart cities, helping decision-makers to make better decisions to build resilient, liveable, and connected cities that serve citizens better services. Right data at the right time has the capability to solve many complex urban challenges. With the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to sense the city, real-time data are increasing every day, offering cities a chance to address city problems in smarter ways.

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Accenture to develop a standardized API marketplace for Japan’s smart cities

Accenture and the University of Aizu are working on a joint research project to develop what they say will be the first standardized API marketplace for smart cities in Japan.

The partners will also study how smart city data platforms, or ‘operating systems’, can make better use of artificial intelligence (AI) in public services. The research will focus on Aizuwakamatsu, a 120,000-person city in Fukushima, where Accenture is part of a broader smart city project to help the region recover economically after the devastating 2011 earthquake, with an emphasis on the use of data.

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E*TRADE Launches API Developer Platform

E*TRADE Financial today announced the E*TRADE Equity Edge Online (EEO) Developer Platform.

With this launch, stock plan administrators and their technology teams can create bespoke APIs that leverage the extensive capabilities of EEO, like submitting participant, grant, payroll, and transactional data, according to the firm.

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eBay unveils numerous APIs for sellers

eBay is marking the 20th anniversary of its developers’ program with new APIs designed to aid activities including payments, customer service, and marketing.

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Open Banking Regulation & Data Rights with Gavin Littlejohn

To understand the evolution of open banking, you must first understand how it came about, a path that to date has been largely forged by regulation. In this edition of Mr. Open Banking, we’re joined by Gavin Littlejohn, Chairman of FData Global, to discuss data rights, creating standards, and the current global landscape of the open banking movement. Listen to the podcast.

Thank you for reading our API News roundup — July 2020. We’ll see you next month with more API headlines.

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