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Leveraging APIs to create a digital shopping experience

digital shopping experience

In order to thrive in an extremely competitive market and have a smooth digital shopping experience, retailers need to make use of new technology that is available to leverage their data sources, connect to their entire ecosystem and provide a seamless customer experience. In order to achieve this goal, retailers can integrate customer touch points into a seamless storefront that utilizes data to offer an immersive, digital shopping experience. A true positive for digital transformation in the retail world.

Creating a truly digital shopping experience

Through the different types of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), retailers can create a consistent, captivating consumer experience with a multi-channel strategy by targeting and tracking “connected consumers” across web, mobile and social media platforms—this makes for a smooth and seamless experience in the marketplace where consumers want to return to shop.

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At this time, the French equipment rental retailer, Kiloutou, has built its digital transformation strategy around APIs, making them available to an entire ecosystem of customers via apps to instantly check prices and change their rental duration—imagine years ago, this simply wasn’t possible! A truly smart move on Kiloutou’s part. Further, for reuse by startups and web agencies, as well as to their suppliers for tracking and monitoring SLAs making sure to provide a seamless digital shopping experience for its customers.

Kiloutou overcame the digital transformation biggest hurdle in making the CIO department become a service provider to the ecosystem and an accelerator to digital projects.
Learn from Kiloutou, the fourth largest European rental company and a major player in the rental of equipment in France, how the company leveraged Axway AMPLIFY API Management to quickly streamline digital projects and create a smooth and intelligent digital shopping experience.

Check out the video testimonial for Kiloutou’s input and experience with APIs.