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The Happiness Model

The Happiness Model: How happy employees create customer satisfaction

2020 has changed how customers interact with their favorite brands. Companies have had to get creative in the way they communicate with their customers,...
4 tips for Digital Transformation

4 tips for Digital Transformation during COVID with Victor Lee

Today, the customer experience looks much different from a few mere months ago. In particular, consumer-packaged goods have transformed completely from their retail presence,...
International CX Day at Axway

Celebrating International CX Day at Axway

At Axway, we want all our employees (aka Griffins) to be able to walk in our customers’ shoes, understand their business challenges, and how...
service innovation with Axway

Office of the Comptroller of Maryland gains security and supports service innovation with Axway

The Office of the Comptroller in the State of Maryland is responsible for crucial organizational practices from collecting taxes, to salary disbursement to state...
customer experience: 5 reasons to put people at the center of your business

5 reasons to put people at the center of your business

Customer experience has always been a powerful force in business success. A good experience elevates the brand, reliability, and trust in a company. It’s...

Employee Spotlight: Iolanda Marin brings a commitment for Customer Experience to Axway

In March, we shared with you the journey of our Axway colleague, Piyush Gupta, from India to join our Paris team. This month, we...
What's omniexperience

What’s omniexperience? Hint: It’s not about you!

What's omniexperience? An omnichannel strategy harmonizes the customer’s path into your organization. It’s about unifying the customer’s experience within your organization’s processes (often a...
digital transformation for the future

Why you need digital transformation for the future

Digital transformation for the future is necessary if you want to stay competitive. Your company can’t compete on a global scale if it’s lacking...

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