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MSC: Why they embraced DevOps and AMPLIFY API Management


DevOps and Axway’s AMPLIFY API Management came to the rescue for the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). MSC, a global shipping leader, needed to increase their business receptiveness to adjust to an ever-changing market. This was no small feat.

The goal for this transformation was to use an API integration solution to offer ease of integration. MSC worked with SmartWave, an effective local IT service company to transform their approach, embrace DevOps processes, and provide the best practices and mentorship that enabled them to transform their business.

DevOps and AMPLIFY API Management, a win-win for MSC

MSC chose the Axway solution to join cloud and on-premise based applications using Axway API Management across many of its subsidiaries. According to Eric Deriaz, Head of Enterprise Architecture at MSC in Geneva, Switzerland, there were “many challenges of Intertechnology integration between existing and new solutions with abilities to separate elements by implementing API-based technologies.” Therefore, the need for a platform was certainly growing steadily.

As MSC went forward towards an API Management solution including an API Gateway, they were mainly guided by the need for integration. By selecting the Axway solution, MSC had to measure their ability as a publisher to answer their problems in terms of development in other countries. MSC found a much-needed solution that was in keeping with their cloud-based approach. A true success for all involved!

MSC put forward several APIs for their client’s consumption through Internet services, via back office and more traditional technologies.


The advantages they found by choosing Axway is clearly a local partnership with SmartWave, which is very efficient, with clear benefits for other companies.

Emmanuel Dupouy, Sales Director from SmartWave, said “when we started to work with MSC, they identified three goals:

  1. Secure the implementation of the platform to ensure it will be a success.
  2. Accompany the teams as they gained skills by sharing our expertise.
  3. Support the team’s day-to-day so they relieve the in-house architects of everyday activities, so they concentrate on other things. SmartWave brought in consultants trained on the products, so they freed up their time.”

With great collaboration and Axway’s product line, all things are possible for a great customer success story.

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