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Iron Lady in the Axway house!

iron lady

What does it take to be part of the Ironman challenge? For one thing, determination and an iron-clad vision are necessary components to take part in such a race.

The holy grail of triathlons

Axway’s very own Sandrine Guillaume, a Senior Systems Engineer here in Paris, took the challenge head-on. For Sandrine, the Ironman race is the “holy grail of the triathlons.”

Sandrine says when you begin the sport, your goal is the Ironman. Sandrine had some fears going into the race, but she overcame her doubts about not being so fast because she “knew she would last!”

Swimming was a challenge for Sandrine, but with her strong determination, she persevered. Sandrine admits the training was “truly exhausting,” but that did not stop her in her will to succeed.

Training begins for Iron Lady

Sandrine started training in January 2018, once or twice a day was her goal. She dedicated her weekends to swimming training in recognition of the first race that took place in Tours, the Tours’nman.

Sandrine said she failed to finish the race, but that did not stop her from her diligent pursuit to continue —I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Iron Lady

From the beginning of January to June 4, Sandrine trained 247 hours; quite the accomplishment. From time to time, she would train for 12 to 19 hours.

When Sandrine failed the race in June, she kept at it and never gave up; she returned to train in July and August for more grueling hours, totaling 102. Sandrine truly has an indomitable spirit. She even enlisted a trainer to help her with swimming, as well as 21 hours of running.

Sandrine’s Strategy

Sandrine’s strategy was not to follow a true training plan because she was very familiar with long races and training. When Sandrine didn’t feel like training, she refrained from doing so.

The Ironman for Sandrine was about finishing the event — pure and simple. Sandrine accomplished something many of us only dream of doing.

Sandrine said when she finished the race, she wasn’t exhausted, “she was full of energy and happiness.” For Sandrine, true joy was in sharing this success with her family.

When it came time to swim the Ironman, she became totally focused. Sandrine knew nothing could stop her now. She was so thrilled that she finished and accomplished her goal. This was truly what the Ironman was all about for Sandrine — accomplishing her goal!

Iron Lady, Sandrine
Iron Lady, Sandrine

Just when you think the long race is over, Sandrine is already on to her next big challenge. She has already signed up for the Nice Ironman on June 30, 2019. At first, Sandrine didn’t want to participate because she felt her first experience was just too perfect to replicate.

But thanks to her teammates, she’s ready for the next big adventure. And look out for 2020. There is one of the hardest triathlons out there, the Embrunman, which is also with her club. If all goes well in 2020, Sandrine will be back again to take the next big challenge!

Iron Lady

We applaud Sandrine for her Iron Lady determination. Congratulations on a job well done and achieving your goal! Discover more Life at Axway stories!