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Incorporating hybrid capabilities into iPaaS

Hybrid capabilities into iPaaS

In a recent survey conducted by the IDC, respondents were asked questions about factors that lead to a good experience using SaaS applications. Here are a few key points that emerged from the answers:

  • #1 ease of integration received the top score, according to IDC’s April 2019 worldwide SaaSPath survey.
  • Respondents especially needed the SaaS application to be able to rapidly integrate into a larger workflow. And while data synchronization continues to be important, these results show that we’re past the stage where data synchronization is enough.

A technology spotlight was developed based on the observations from this survey where IDC’s Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation talks about how to simplify and successfully support the growing sophistication of application interoperability where integration teams face key decisions about how they manage and deploy their integration assets.

Key summary points of this spotlight

  • Portable cloud integration software is an option when deployment locations are mixed, uncertain, or application latency matters.
  • Teams are now shifting to a cloud-native architecture for building applications, which are microservices-based and containerized, and use Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Figure 1 below from IDC shows the breadth of integration assets involved beyond core application integration and API Management, supporting batch, event-driven and request-response patterns.

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IDC’s view on Axway

Axway is heavily focused on providing access to and integrating with traditional and modern data center endpoints as well as the third-party APIs and connectivity with SaaS and PaaS applications. That means developers building new capabilities for edge, cloud, mobile and traditional applications gain access to a broader set of an enterprise’s proprietary and valuable APIs, bridging the gap between producers of the APIs and consumers who benefit from them even when those APIs are managed by heterogeneous API Gateways.

Figure 2 shows a view of Axway’s AMPLIFY Application Integration capabilities.


The full IDC Technology Spotlight features much more including:

  • Adopting hybrid integration when you don’t have full control over tool choices
  • Deploying portable cloud integration software in mixed or uncertain locations
  • Making it easy for IT to support hybrid integration that is compatible with iPaaS.

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