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Does AMPLIFY Central include an API Gateway?

There has been some confusion about the architecture of AMPLIFY Central. We’ll try to shed some more light on AMPLIFY Central and answer some...
Device Certificates

Device Certificates using X509 v3 PKI

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been around for a long time and I have been supporting PKI software from a pre-sale’s perspective for over...
hybrid integration and API Management

Hybrid integration and API Management (What’s the difference?)

In the broad integration markets we play terminology moves fast as does technology. Most recently, a set of questions and discussions have surfaced on...
Hybrid capabilities into iPaaS

Incorporating hybrid capabilities into iPaaS

In a recent survey conducted by the IDC, respondents were asked questions about factors that lead to a good experience using SaaS applications. Here...
important iPaaS features

What are the most important iPaaS features?

What are the most important iPaaS features that are needed today? Robust set of pre-built connectors Ability to easily create custom connectors Strong data...
Microservice: Microgateway Blog Series, Part 3 - Whodunit?

Microgateway Blog Series, Part 3: Whodunit?

When things break in a microservice architecture, determining the cause is challenging where did it fail and why? There are so many things that...

How to pick the best API creation tool (for your needs)

With the rise of the API Economy, forward-looking enterprises are increasingly relying on off-the-shelf tooling to help them fast-track their digital transformation journeys. Key...
What drives API growth?

What drives API growth?

According to a recent IDC research sponsored by Axway, APIs have certainly crossed the chasm from technology to value-based solutions all around. API Growth: Use...
components of an API Management solution

What are the key components of an API Management solution?

Across industries, disruptive competitors, new regulations and rising customer expectations are driving digital transformation. APIs are at the heart of digital interactions that will...
Interview with Cloud Elements

SaaS connectors – Interview with Cloud Elements

This week, I have had the pleasure to meet Ross Garrett, Head of Product Marketing at Cloud Elements. Ross accepted to share with us...

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