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What is the future of API Management?

future of api management

Devoteam, our Axway partner, wrote a compelling article on The Future of API Management. This persuasive article showcases the guiding reasons for investing in API Management, as well as an explanation of APIs. Download this fascinating white paper from Devoteam to learn more (note that the download form is in Dutch, but with Google translate, you can easily navigate the page. The White Paper is in English).

Due to more APIs being deployed in a technological landscape, the future of API Management has become more imperative than ever for an API to thrive in a digital world.

As growing demands come to fruition for APIs use, this leads to a greater burden to protect your APIs. Because there are so many APIs being exposed, the supply and demand effect is called into question as businesses struggle to keep up with securing their APIs against mounting threats. Therefore, an API Lifecycle Management solution is more important than ever for the future of API Management success and security.

What is API Management?

Devoteam states, “API Management is the process of publishing, promoting and governing APIs, in a secure and scalable environment.”

Why have API Management for your organization?

For starters, no API is truly 100% safe. Therefore, API Security drives the API backdrop. Companies are constantly working to protect their APIs from being compromised, this leads to a more detailed need for an API to exist. Security must be the number-one priority. With this demand comes a single necessity for a very effective API Lifecycle Management system to come into play.

Why bother even investing in API Management?

Why not invest in an API Management solution is really the question to ask yourself.  According to Devoteam, the new complexities demand very efficient API Lifecycle Management, and the use  of API Analytics to monitor health trends and insights into the API ecosystem.” Without an API Management solution in place, the future of API Management falls short of the necessary prerequisites to protect your APIs—end of story!

According to the White Paper by Devoteam, “the five main driving forces for the need for good quality API Management are explained below.

  1. The mobile experience is of high importance. Thanks to customer habits changing, APIs have unlocked new distribution channels.
  2. Social media contribution. Due to the social media explosion, API integration services are more prevalent than ever. Therefore, API Management is certainly needed to deliver secure and reliable facts to the consumer.
  3. Digital economy asks for dynamic digital partnerships. Partner landscape needs to be secure and reliable according to Devoteam. Because partner integrations are evolving all the time, APIs are working together with a partnership to collaborate for a better outcome.
  4. Cloud adoption and security. Thanks to APIs being deployed all the time, API Management is needed to protect your assets.
  5. loT will increase the need for good quality API Management. APIs continue to grow; another reason API Management is needed to absorb the extra traffic flow.


In conclusion, the API Management solution is the necessary process to manage the life cycle of an API from beginning to end.

After reading the white paper by Devoteam, check out the API Management Best Practices to learn how you can drive your future APIs to security and success.