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capabilities of API Management Platform

Five capabilities every API Management Platform should have

I am often asked, what are the five capabilities of an API Management Platform and what should they have? My answer starts with the...

API Conference wrap-up: Lesson 2, API Management lessons

At the API Conference that took place in Berlin from September 24-26, 2018, three lessons were discussed. We now come to lesson 2: API...
future of api management

What is the future of API Management?

Devoteam, our Axway partner, wrote a compelling article on The Future of API Management. This persuasive article showcases the guiding reasons for investing in...
API Analytics solution

How to design an API Analytics solution?

When designing or evaluating an API Analytics solution on top of your API Management infrastructure, you need to consider a solution that addresses each...

Why Embedded Analytics is on the rise?

While some organizations are still wondering whether they should invest on Embedded Analytics and what benefits it brings to their employees and customers, I...

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