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Making The Stock Ticker Connection Using OpenAPI Parameters

One of the most valuable data points you can find across any API is the stock ticker symbol, providing a reference point for understanding if data is connected to a publicly traded company or not. While discovering and profiling APIs, looking for, or generating OpenAPI definitions that describe the surface area of an API, we are always on the lookout for any parameter that provides a stock ticker reference. While the stock ticker API parameters aren’t always consistently named, once you find them, it increases the value of an API significantly.

Each API we profile as part of the API Gallery has an OpenAPI definition behind the scenes. This is what we use to organize and display the over 10K API paths we have indexed. Having the surface area of each API indexed in a machine-readable way allows us to search across the parameters for hundreds, or thousands of APIs at the same time, mining for specific parameters like the stock ticker symbol–surfacing only the APIs who will allow us to connect data to a variety of publicly traded companies.

Once we have further developed our search vocabulary for finding APIs that allow for filtering by stock tickers we will publish a list of the API providers to the API Gallery. Providing a single repository of API definitions that us to look at a robust list of data and content that we can fill our data lake with, training our machine learning models, or stream to wherever we might need it. Painting a more complete picture of how you can find relevant data that can easily be associated with publicly traded companies.

The more APIs we profile as part of the API Gallery, the more we learn about how to profile, rank, and filter APIs at scale. Allowing us to look for the gems in a growing landscape of API data sources, enabling us to find what we are looking for. If you’d like to find companies that have APIs within specific industries or possess unique parameters and other data points, please let us know. We are currently spreading out our efforts across many different business sectors, but we are happy to prioritize specific areas that will help your data scouting and discovery efforts.

AI in Finance White paper - Stock Ticker

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