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API governance: Why you need to build it for the future

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You may ask yourself, why do you need to build API governance for the future? For one thing, building API governance is an important element to ensure smooth visibility over your APIs. It’s essential to have a system in place that will safeguard your stability.

API governance: making the right choices

Managing APIs is an important job. Many people have different thoughts and opinions about API governance, some people feel that it’s a huge problem and that it gets in the way of progress. Whatever your personal thoughts are on the subject, it’s important to understand that API governance is about making the right choices for your company and your APIs—pure and simple! This involves having the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. APIs are an important part of most company’s landscape. With the proper API governance in place, you are on the right path for a secure API. According to CGAP, “API governance processes ensure that there is a high level of security and risk management.”

Light approach

One should keep in mind that it’s necessary to think about API governance in the right context. It’s important to think about how to modernize your API strategy. It helps to think about the right direction for streamlining your projects with the right formation. Note that API governance can sometimes be a balancing act, so it’s prudent to take a light approach when dealing with API governance. It all starts with making the right choices. You always need up-to-date information to have a strong foundation in hand. Keep in mind, when the wrong decisions are implemented, an API structure will most likely fall apart and be compromised. The right balance is indeed key to a positive outcome.

Further, having the best solutions in place for your APIs lifecycle is also important. Solutions such as AMPLIFY API Management enable a strong foundation for securing your APIs. This also helps to also build API governance as you go along.

Check out this white paper and learn more about building API governance and why you need it.