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Green APIs, airline tech disruptions, and banks opening up – February 2023 Digital News Desk

Green APIs, airline tech disruptions, and banks opening up – February 2023 Digital News Desk

This month: an API Green Score could promote more sustainable digital transformation and airlines are tackling the tech troubles that caused massive flight cancellations over the Holidays. Plus, banks are opening up with APIs and shifting priorities; Mr. Open Banking chimes in on why they should seize the opportunity to innovate.

February 2023 API news and digital transformation headlines

Watch the video below for the latest from the Axway Digital News Desk with Lydia Defranchi. Axway Head of Open Banking Eyal Sivan also offers insights into the benefits of open banking – not just to consumers, but to banks and their ecosystem as well.



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Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous pour les dernières infos du Digital News Desk avec Lydia Defranchi, présenté par Axway. Eyal Sivan, responsable de l’Open Banking chez Axway, y discute les avantages de l’Open Banking, non seulement pour les consommateurs mais aussi pour les banques et leur écosystème.



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